Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vettel Wins 2012 Japanese GP and F1 Contest

Watching this 2012 Japanese (Nagoya) GP at National Sports Grill Makati.  Too bad to see Alonso made a corner disaster on first starting lap.  As in  gigil things happen that made his fans hate Grosjean. Anyways This kid again Vettel wins followed by Massa then Kobayashi. Which make him honor  the Japanese people as they scream out loud as far as home-court advantage is concern. To bad for my bet Button didn't made it. 

Been watching this Kid who does his haircut eversince his victorios moment at Abu Dhabi. Couple of year ago while the venue for RRT F1 viewing was on Discovery Suites Ortigas. I think he got a perfect chemistry for  Suzuka Circuit - Near Nagoya Airport, since he won this GP Track way back.

But as far as Eithad Airways contest is concern. but good to see William of Red Rock Travel will give me slot for Indian Grand Prix. That may interfere my Subaru Imrpreza Asian Hand Challenge in SG. But he told me not for next week Korean Grand Prix, Even though I was in Bacolod during that time. Good to see the Korean Embassy made Psy as their artist to perform before Maroon 5 Jagger's rock Singapore GP last week. Oppa Gangnam Style! But for yesterday tokyo's drift song it oppa gundam transformer robots style.
 I made two 0 (Belgian and SG GP)
 score here but i got 25 points for Italian GP
$25k for F1 fantasy
I can't see Shumi winning the over kids dominance nowadays. I think he's old now to retire what do you think? Above I voted him for number 2 prior to Alonso in ESPN Fantasy. Wish to win my blog all way to Historical Iron Man Monaco Grand Prix. You may try to race here at Petronas Challenge. I like to see Air Show flashing colors by f14 f16  or new Planes Airforce in every f1 GP venues. Like what they do in other Grand Prix even in other world  sports Championship.