Saturday, December 13, 2014

Action Sports Star Fiesta Weekends

I consider this Ford Fiesta Celestial blue with Stripes. As one of the coolest sports car I've ride-driven ever since RCZ, AF2, F1 and Hybrids road test simulation. After winning the Carmudi Philippines Contest, Ford Global City finally let me take home this car for a weekend drive.  

So, as as far as  Action Sports Star Fiesta Weekend movie is concerned. A good looking sports car doesn't need to cost you multi million peso to feel that you're an action star or hollywood racecar driver. 

You may own this Automatic fuel efficient 1.0 to 1.5L sports car for as low as 700k+ or just past paying 20% down-payment then 3-5 years monthly economical installment. While driving this car on Metro Manila freeway streets. I was thinking twice to make 888 donuts or not. 

Feeling like a handsome actor of my own movie. Imagining gone in 60 seconds, fast and furious, need for speed or the last time I saw Vettel live do after securing the victory donuts 888 in Yas Marina last year. 

As Harold a Honda user fanatic, looking at me why my hands on hand brake...But I didn't pursue my Tokyo Drift or make BBQ smoke intention, instead I treat my fellow worker in the BPO industry a joy ride. 

Good thing I have my supervisor Jasmin just bought a new Fiesta a month ago. Who can share sentiments with me (Coz Harold is always defending his Brand - Haha) as we looked for restaurant nearby lunch-break . And let them feel - test the car. As well with backseat and side-seat office barkada driver.

He said most of this car is electronic and hi tech. But, although he is loyal to his brand. You can only compare apples to apples unless this bring you joy or a smile on your face. 

I've seen Ford innovation evolution when it come to safety. And driven a Ford AT parking assist and braking couple of years before. But last Saturday morning I was calling Fiel of Ford global 5am in the morning. Good thing she still awake after a comedy bar gimmick

Asking assistance..requesting a mechanic.. why the back hatchback rear 5th door doesn't locked. Afraid that it might got stolen, after staying for 20 minutes at basement office parking. 

After 8 times of testing the lock-unlocked at the 5th rear door. We're like a child doing over and over again. Like the BBC Clarkson's Rubbish!!! Searching the net manual..Me and my buddy finally leave the car. 

Hoping somebody wouldn't steal it by passing at the back then pressed the key-less start. Then a day after realize that it will automatically locked and wont do start with out the key-less key in vicinity. 

That's a wow factor when it comes to safety and convenience. The hatchback is much more bigger and easier to load/unload things. Look at the eyes and head of the fiesta above. It looks like the eye of a younger sister of sports supercar stylish-macho. So enjoy the action-adventure thrill!!!    

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