Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Caring for Tomorrow Ford Safety

Last month at Bonifacio High Street before I left the country for Formula 1 race in Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi. We test drive this various Ford Focus brand to promote public safety as we care for Tomorrow. We went beyond point A to point B. As we go further into technical details of driving and advance safety. Ford enhance its technology to assist drivers with challenging traffic conditions. 

Kay Hart Ford Philippines Director said “With the launch of this campaign, we’re hoping to engage Filipinos in a conversation about safer driving, to help them make better choices for themselves and for their loved ones” 

Ford director for Safety Engineering Pete Hardigan said “Our engineers are putting themselves in consumers’ shoes and developing features and technologies that make the on-road experience safer and smarter” See safety video demo here by Ford Philippines.

What we have learned during the driving briefing actual driving sessions were Adaptive cruise control that helps maintain safe distance. Ford Sync allows of hand while on the steering wheel. Let me give you example voice command play track one. 

We know the function of Bluetooth headset connecting to your love ones or business while driving. But what if you like to enjoy your favorite music while your hands on the steering wheel and eyes on road. 

So you use Automatic voice command to execute your request let's say Track One Low Rider or Track  Two Danza Kuduro please. You may nod you're head like a Chihuahua or Camel while driving. Peez, Im Just kiddin, I thought im still in UAE dessert gulf F1 withdrawal hangover effect.

Then enjoy the music, now if your a parent and want to control your family's speed for younger drivers. The MyKey limits the top speed and reduce maximum radio volume. MyKey gives younger drivers encouragement to be responsible and safe behind the wheels.

And this is what I extremely amazed of, since last year. see my video here on AT Parking and Brake when I first test drive this car last year. The Active City Stop as well as the Active Park Assist. It prevents you from low speed rear end collision. And amazingly assist you park your car.

Ford engineers constantly test and understands consumers mobility unlike Q in 007 before the spy defends himself nor BBC Top Gear Clarkson play with this toys, so they include Empathy Belly and the Third Age Suit. 

Not to discriminate the Baby Boomers or Pregnant women from Driving. To prove that gender and age doesn't matter for safety driving. It is exactly designed for them. So make your wife, grandpa or grandma proud.  

Lane keeping Aid, guide drivers steering to stay in the lane, while Adaptive cruise control allows drivers to keep pace on traffic ahead braking or accelerating as needed. For Dog lovers, pet safety driving tips is designed to keep your pet safe on car. 

As I pledged for Safe driving, you may so. stay in Touch with Ford on Twitter and Facebook.

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