Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lotus in Manila and my F1 Adventures

Last 1st week of May Lotus F1 is in Manila, Philippines. As you know they were 11 teams this 2013 who's competing. Im glad that we had finally 1st Filipino-Swiss driver Marlon Stockinger who entered this kind of prestigious world of motor-sports.

This is my encounter with couple of teams and finest drivers. Like McLaren, Ferrari, BMW Sauber, Redbull. Since i failed to enter Af2 race qualifying last in Sepang and Red Racing Finals 2seater qualifying in Varano Circuit, Italy. Its good to see and feel races on screen and imitate it via go carts.

To complete my bucket list STR, Renault, Toro Rosso, Marussia and Caterham to follow maybe next couple of years and to complete the circuit tour around the world. Including the prestigious Monaco back and fort to Abu Dhabi or Suzuka. A great action event to talk about since last year with money market.
Last couple of weeks send off party..
 they danced the PSY Gentleman's sexy sensation 
 at the back of $20 m f1 car 

 even fast creation use fast Microsoft Speed Dynamics
 Marlon 1st to win Monaco..Congrats..
Team you know what to do if Grosjean and Kimi messed up at the Spa
 Balloon Lotus Control at Large
 Testing actual seat simulation at SM MOA
Exhibits all types of cars
Girls Car at open parking exhibit with Vin Diesel in Fast 5 on screen
He's in BGC earlier and Manila this Week to Promote fast 6
And Fast 7 next year. I wasn't hiding Torredo


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