Monday, June 17, 2013

Testing Mazda 6, CX-5 & CX-9

Yesterday, I was at BGC a former military camp in Taguig City. Where most of the cutoff-throat fast steel and adventure began. Like Bimmerfest and Asian hand challenge qualifying happened.  Right now occupied by Mazda one of the most best Japanese Creation. As a co presenter of Fathers Day Car Show. If Suzuki got Kizashi Mazda got "KODO" means Soul of Motion. That guided its 3 concepts of speed, allure and tension.
 Mazda Booth was won the Best Booth on Last Month Transport Show at SMX. According to Sherlyn Co and Japeth Castillo of Berjaya. A Malaysian company who specializes in Hotel and Gaming investments. Headed by  Steven Tan a Ford Group of Co former CEO. They educate me more about Mazda imported from Japan as well as its counterparts.
 Mazda 6 on Bonifacio High Street
Black n Yellow aha of course Miata cars, World's best-selling 2-seater sport car  on ZoomZoom Motorcades.
Motorcade with Mazda6 with Models, 2.5DL in soul red selling a 1.7m
Followed by CX-5
Im inside the spacious Mazda CX-9 3.7L at first I was looking for hand brake. But instead it gives me a chance to drive a 2 pedal brake AWD grand touring car.  Feels like driving a smooth luxurious truck that is worth 2.4m. A little bit smaller than Toyota Prado and a Subaru Tribeca counterpart as compared by topgear.
SkyActiv G Technology means a high efficient direct injection gasoline compression worlds highest ratio of 14:1.  So its fuel efficient, which supposed to be diesel fuel on CX5 and CX-9 huge size. But instead they used skyActiv using Gas.
 Driving along Taguig City using Mazda CX-5
 Getting Ready for Mazda 6 Keyless Start
Mazda Yogin3 Total Care has a free 3 year or 60k km maintenance service, roadside assistance  with concierge service as well a 3 year or 100k km warranty. Makes me think of applecare+ that extends its service warranty for apple gadget users. And you pay extra premium for that. But for your peace of mind that total car care protection is not being offered for free by other car manufacturers coz the usual warranty is only a  year. So feel protected for 3 years with Mazda for free.
CX-5 Has an enhancement of kick down switch that helps the driver of unwanted downshift even initiates faster torque. Japeth told me that it is being compared to Forester as well. It include a voice command feature of music management. Quite familiar to your usual iphone siri.

As you see the Dim lights AFS or Adaptive Front Lighting System in which it wont pissed off other drivers at night. I see you got same experience. But some drivers on the other or both side are unconscious about it. Because the dim light detects and automatically face down. Good safety features especially when your travel on far provinces of the Philippines. In which some areas got poor street visibility.
 Interior Speaking of safety features it has advance front, side air bags and air curtains.
 Inside Mazda 6
Gas my Navigator, its good to drive if you got Backseat Driver and Navigator. Plus press who's doing the live tweets nor social medias world forever connection.
 Best Booth
Mazda Miata's on Rally  2 Door Sports Cars
CX-5 Won The 2012-13 Japan Car of the Year Award, Japanese press believe on that aside from us thinkin of hot 86 or BRZ. Around 1.68m SRP for AWD sport, 1.45m 2wd AT and 1.39m pesos for manual transmission. 
Inside CX-9 for my finally testing. 3.7 4wheel v6 its like driving a truck with 2pedal brake in front. the AWD SRP around 2.4m while the 2WD is approx 2.1m
Mazda 6 got 5.8" touchscreen for the infotainment system, i-Eloop brake energy in 19" wheels. Propelled by 2.5L 6 speed transmission that produce 182hp & 250Nm torque. Like to win ipad mini? Join Mazda picture contest here.

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