Wednesday, February 8, 2017

51st Superbowl HD Live Streaming @ Skippy's Bar and Grill BGC

Last week I had a chance to See the Australian Open Tennis Action. Also I watched last Monday 7AM Morning Manila Time Late afternoon in 6PM US Central Texas Time the Grandest 51st Superbowl. Which is US #1 sport followed by baseball and basketball is only 3rd which is the #1 sport of Pinoys. At Skippy's Bar and Grill in BGC, Taguig City. 

It seems like Im addicted to sports main events. Since I watched several live local and international historical sports events like World Cup, F1 and MotoGP on glorious stadium and race track itself. Oh boy, It feels really good to hear those sporting sounds, energy and exciting energetic sport commentators! It feels like great sound and music to my ears.

My thoughts about Last Lady Gaga performance were great. I've seen Bruno and Katy was creative and outstanding. But the best of all times. MJ's is still the superior among all Emperor and Queen of Superbowl halftime performer. She was flying but if your looking for great musical entertainment. I think there's no other best venue which is the Superbowl.

I noticed that at age 39 Tom Brady is old as as pro but still going strong. Tom is the best quarterback and Falcons got great defense. Congrats to Patriots for the win 34-28. Lady Gaga's poker face and born this way steals the excitement of the halftime show 21-3 in favor of Falcons. It was a great Tackle by Falcons and touchdown moments by Patriots to put into NFL's hall of fame history.

Majority of the Audience @ Skippy's were Patriots fans. The momentum were quite for the 1st 3 quarters because Falcons were leading. And the ambiance of the bar were change to very noisy and wild during 4th quarter and overtime. As Patriots were catching up the impossible ways.    

As there were fans, there were stars, there were superstars and there were legends and the main event is on. Aussie-American honey milk, sunny side up egg, sausage, unions and tomatoes for my breakfast at the 51st Superbowl. With brewed coffee sport stimulant at @ Skippys. And did order several Red Horse local beer strong todo lakas. 

Photo-graphics credits from NFL, Falcons, Patriots, Yahoo and Bleacher Report facebook fanpage your best source/guide of best sports juice highlights. What I liked most about Superbowl is the Airshows performed by. And the presence of Presidents, Hollywood Celebrities and Artist. It does have great creative humorous commercials from respected brands. That will make you laugh and say wow! 

Joy, Rofel and Tina did a great service and prepared for these momentous event. See Skippys great sporting events schedule this and next month! Rugby, UFC, La Liga, Wrestling, AU sports, Premiere League non stop action! Also they have bands performing for music lovers. What can you ask for? Skippys got the best service, food, sports and  entertainment gimmick place to hang out with.

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