Sunday, August 25, 2013

World of Cars and Toyota 2013

Last week I was at World of Toyota in World Trade Center. This was to celebrate its 25 year here in the Philippines. You can't imagine how it grows to more than hundreds of Toyota make and models year to date, since it was founded by Mr Toyoda in 1937. 

Visiting this event was visiting like a museum of toyota's almanac evolution and encyclopedia history. In Philippines, it also showcased the timetable of toyota corporate responsibly like environment, charities and education not to mention its cream of the crop ranking in global sales. But the smile they put thru mass consumers face as years or event decades of using this iconic brand. 

A few cars I drive but not owned, although my first car was a 1992 Galant. To mention a few in a world or cars, I've experienced the world of Mclaren with Mika, Ferrari with F1 Instructors, Bimmerfest with club President, Mazda Kudo,  Asian Challenge, Honda Hybrids, Lotus and guest what they are all exciting. I wonder whats next to F1, Lemans, Red Bull Extremist, or Moto GP  event main podium highlights world tour.
From Formula 1 and race cars to mini races like Tamiya, AVR's and Video Games you can find in a 9 day or one of the country's biggest expo. All ages are welcome to enjoy the fun learning they even allotted day care center. Im fascinated about concept cars like the FCV-R being revealed first last 2011 Tokyo motor show and I was told by Lindsay and Mariza both models that it will going to be released in 2015. 

Aside from a delicious race debut on big scene of LFA racing in Nürburgring. Hey LF-LC, I will surely remember mesmerize imiss merize her butt, face, body, sexiness and every angle in any view as the she rotates as supermodel like in Victoria secret's fashion show lets say she's Miranda Kerr for LF and Megan Foxx for LFA. 

Also to complete the ramp of course the iconic 86 and vios are ready to race. Not to ignore the event grassroots of classic vintage, mass economy cars (private, puvs) you would see in every street in the country like coke does, together with award winning muscle sports cars.
The Lexus SC 430 is also rumored to be launched in 2017 but My Former Leadership Mentor Smart Gilas Coach Chot Reyes was very Happy with its Lexus GX460. So if your dealing or doing business with somebody who has a Lexus, You may think that someone got taste, best or you know not as boss but that someone has the authority.

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