Monday, December 3, 2012

Road Test, Safety and Charity Event by BMW

As we all know BMW is one of the finest German car creation. Aside from its amazing car stunts in various Iconic Hollywood Action films. This time BMW car club of the Philippines organized annual Xmas Charity Event. Not the usual bimmerfest, racing, tuning, styling or car show exhibits but to share the joy of learning. 

The main objective is to sponsor at least 30 or more children to experience Mind Museum in BGC and Bio Rhythm educational tour. For the Benefit of the Shepherd of the Hills Children's Foundation. See more info of the event here in facebook fanpage.

Last Oct Days before I Left for another Car Company Asian Face Off Challenge to Singapore. I got to see this Asian Carmaker Xpo BMW X test. A test of rough road and brakes on slope. Strong slide, elevation, jungle, rock, mountain, damage road and flood safety.
Also Its Motorrad, hope to join their Philippines Touring or Cross Country race around the world sometime. Check it out they have on going world all expense trip around the world motorrad tour contest campaign. Wish me luck on essay so I choose North America. But you can choose Africa, other parts of the world or Asian continents too. 
Efficient in curves, zigzag, interior mechanic German technology.They also Auction some of Used BMW cars by executives. BMW Staff told me when showing some of its models that you don't need to worry for extra or flat tires. Each tires can run of up to 150KM extra even if its flat. Ill post more story beyond car experience later.


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