Wednesday, July 26, 2017

East Vs West Suzuki Cup Philippines All Media Star Hoops

Last week I joined the Suzuki Media hoops, Since I missed the last hoops couple of months ago. Lets call it East Vs West Suzuki Philippines All Media Star Hoops. Parang feeling all star NBA or PBA ba? I was supposed to join them couple of months ago, I cancelled because of Bagiou, Pangasinan and Subic Trip delay. Its good to play again after several years of retirement. I must admit that this is my #1 sport since grade-school back then. 

The competition were tough during those times 2 decades ago until now. I remember I played basketball everyday, having selected to Barangay or School Varsity is a privileged already. Winning the Knights of Columbus free throw Championship provincial level and SK basketball team selection was a good feeling already.  
Since the competition were tough during my high school days. I anticipated that I will never made it to the College Varsity try out or even PBA. So, I decided to enter Taekwondo Varsity, Its good to secure the National slot and being qualified to US and Korea open which is not that easy since Ronald played for these international tournaments as PTC captain ball back then. See beside me below Ronald Delos Reyes of Business Mirror. Also a former fellow National Team and Champion CityKart Racer

The Russell Westbrook #0 that night, Ronnie Trinidad of Sprocketph our Center and the Shaquille O'neal re-bounder doesn't believed that he had Knee injury, so neither I. haha, maybe he did a lot of ankle breaking point guard moves. I ran out of oxygen and always say sub to other Media and Suzuki peeps. Ronald said they formed this hoops several years back then.
After our 2 hour game Jeff Lopez and Mark Mallo invited us for dinner. We headed to Pancake House, G/F of Joya Lofts and Towers, Plaza Drive, Rockwell Center - Makati to have dinner. Steak, Chicken, Salad and Banoffee were recommended by Suzuki peeps. Then talk about basketball history back then all night long even courting in the Ring. Seems like some other Suzuki ladies know more about Basketball than us.

From the time basketball machine of Larry Bird, Jordan, Kobe to Lebron, US Dream Team, Alaska, San Miguel and Barangay Genebra. It seems like a never ending Basketball Story. Good to Know that Jeff also played football and we talked a lot of football glories from different part of the world, Aside from Suzuki Football Cup last year. Thanks Suzuki Philippines for Great Basketball Hoops nights, till next game. So I just came out from a Basketball Retirement, This is why we play!


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