Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tech Brown and Greener Pastures

Everyday in our social media life we encounter daily changes. About latest technology trends, cool stuff, nice travels, news, social viral's and simply to connect to our love ones instantly. But the question is how can we utilize that technology to our own advantage. To used it effectively in doing business, cut cost and then stay at class. Last week I was at Manila Golf country club, It's good to see the greens again. 

If you think that the pasture is greener in the other side. Then its time to water your own turf. I meet the 7 decade old Solid Group Team. People behind great brands such as Kia, Sony, Destiny Cable, Samsung, Aiwa, Sanyo and Panasonic. That already sold more than 6 million phones to Filipinos. They were talking about its mission a decade ago back then when only middle and upper class can afford a mobile phone.
But they just are true to their goals of giving dignity to every Filipino. The pride of owning a Phone. An affordable smartphone as a piece of property regardless of what ever profession you may have. Because Its not GSM or Galing sa Magnanakaw. Famous low cost airline said everybody can now fly, in this case everybody now can call, text and access online. The phone company already sold millions of phones, paying more than 650m in tax. So they are not interested in making profit to phone anymore.

David Lim its CEO told us about Brown phone and his latest ventures goes beyond hardware and software. Like TV phone tuner, internet of things and its system content. While his mom told about its Solid group history way back. While Mr Beda Manalac and My Phone executives told us about the Brown Tree to empower artist, social media fans and entrepreneurs. They want to build community of tech experts and productive people via Brown and Proud Movement.
They also introduced its classy smart phone creation called the Brown 1 @ 9500 pesos.  But here's how we can make money out of that situation. By purchasing and marketing it as affiliate It's more than just a smartphone that has finger print security, latest apps, content or eye camera technology sensor. It has a unique rewards and content that we can use to be informed, earn and save do more. 

For example paying our bills over the brown phone can save us hour and minutes to other productive task. Even multitasking task to hit our targets. Same or even lower rates or cost over time.  Doing money transfer over brown phone, paying bills, buying online. I think will make payment center, stores and money transfer physical store became obsolete in the tech future.   

Speaking of earning after your purchase the Brown 1 you may log in to  your own business portal A marketing system that will allow you to register and purchase online. As you create the account the way you sign up to facebook, yahoo, gmail or twitter. As a legitimate business now you need to enter your TIN or Tax ID.  

Then it will generate a referral code. So here's my user upline in brown tree jayson.bia referral code #767292 so I can include you in my tree. The payout is every 15 days so you may withdraw it anytime or every-time you have payout. To make you feel that you are really doing business. As part of the Kit you will have EON debit card as your own online-offline ATM wallet. 

You can download the app via google play enter your activation number. Take a picture of yourself blink so to make the picture-video legit. Then scan your government of legal ID for regular bank approval. Create a  6 digit banking PIN code and then lets start earning money in a brown tree. 

In 2 ways direct referral and tree rewards of up to 12 matrix level. If your savant to numbers or not. You just simply keep watering your turf daily you'll get 500 peso for level 2 then 1000 for level 3 for pairing of up to 1, 023 550 pairing tree rewards. While for referral reward is 1000 for level 2 and 2k for level 3 with no limits, but level 12 is 1.024 million peso. 

By the end of the day, you may think that its just a smartphone that you use dozen times a day. But not anymore, It already became a color your skin and profitable business that you can start in less than 10k capital. With no loss if you will not do the tree because the classy brown1 phone for itself is already winning. See other blog info here.

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