Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil Experience

I played football in high school, after more than a decade I finally made to watched the sport live. The 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil Experience is truly one of the world biggest event. Second to Olympics popularity when it comes to audience or fans population.

As part of my bucket list, of course its not easy to make that dream come true which is almost done last South Africa World Cup. The intensity of nations crowd; its totally different from watching in the TV. They are screaming and singing everywhere inside/outside the stadium. This is football love and passion. Im thinkin about NBA, Olympics, NFL, WPT, MGM Boxing, PGA, Lemans finals next?
You may feel the die hard supporters chant and cheer for each Team. So I saw live Argentina vs Bosnia and Chile Vs Spain. Of course I saw Messi hit a goal live last week. Not to mention the hollywood-sportstars Black Mamba and the Wolf of Wall Street fly and sail to witnessed this memorable sports championship event of the world. 

Not to mentioned Argentina iconic player and World Champion Maradona where i meet last F1 in Abu Dhabi was not allowed by Fifa to enter Maracana stadium. We both cheer in Team Ferrari Paddock club. Where we watch that game. So Pitbull and Shakira lets do the ole ola we are one and the wakawaka? #ballsinrio #ipanema   

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