Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Thank You Bro! For Sports, Career and Travel Adventures

Thank you Bro! We studied and did homework's assignment together as a kid. We played Xmen, Chess and World Cup Cards during our childhood. We did a lot of selling and "raket" during our younger and teenage years like selling sugar candy, driving pedicab, doing video assistant lightman services, selling fruits to have "baon" and to finance our sporting activities. 

Like for buying your soccer shoes/jerseys gears and my dobok/promotion and protective fighting equipment's. Because our parents can't afford our expensive school and sporting hobbies. So we motivate each other to fulfill our childhood dream. We suffered a lot from different injuries like muscle pain, sunburn and sometimes we walk like a crab in the morning going to school because we were injured last afternoon's game. 

Not bad for dreaming of bringing home the Olympic medal someday. We won several national gold medals and became national team together in various sports. We didn't won the Asian palm challenge in Singapore. But we promise together to be in those biggest and grandest sporting events of our lifetime. We always want to get closer to world champions that's why we work hard take risk and always find ways. 

Even we lose in contest most of the time, we learn that God has a better plan for us in next. To be in Sporting main event like World Cup, f1, MotoGP, Champions League, Olympics, Lemans, PGA, Masters, Wimbledon, WPT, Masters, NFL, ASEAN Games and NBA. Looking back we did the half of the goal now its time for the other half to fulfill. Not only that we like extreme adventure like skydiving, hiking, mountain climbing, underwater sports and extreme hyper bro adventure.  
I would like to thank you Engr. Danilo Biadog Jr for motivating me to be in sports. As well as doing good, playing fair with out taking advantage of any fellow. We didn't made it to FC Barcelona/Manchester United or Olympic/World Pro League category. But the good thing we learn as we keep on dreaming. Because the sweetest fruit to reap are those that are ripened thru blood and tears. 

Be it in school, sports, contest and the game called life. We shared lots of time almost sweat everyday to play the sports that we loved. But as times goes by our appetite for sports and travel dream increases. I like the campaign of AirAsia everyone can fly. Based in Manila instead of going to NAIA I would go to Air Asia Clark to save from International and Local flight cost.  So I can save more money for next travel itinerary. 

We shared lots of all sporting and travel activities until now almost 3 decades in counting. Even charity feeding and medical mission every year helping our Pastor Uncle. We both became scholars during college our years, you became an Engineer and DOST scholar, I became a college Taekwondo Varsity. We earned our college degree the hard way. 

Because athletes during our times are having hard time balancing physical and mental pressure. We help each other not only in Athletics but also in academics. But not we were grown adults we even support more beyond than that. We fulfill both emotional and moral support each time we have problems in relationship even in hobby or work. 

You gave me advice in my professional career. Not to be angry, control my temper. Not to be addicted to betting and sports gambling. Be contented-patient and not to shout or get angry on my people. That's why I got into serious trouble. I also give you not to be contented in your 3 yr technician course after 8 years of working. 

At least, I convinced you to study again and finished your 5 year engineering course. Every year, Because as a brother I love you and don't want you to be stuck in a dead end job. We want each other to have a good life. So, we both followed each other advice we have mutual understanding beyond as a siblings. Even in women we justify and cross examine in choosing the girl of our dreams.

Oh boy looking back from the time that we were kids up to today more than 2 decades. We still like great sporting adventure and contest. We knew that if we work hard and have the will to win, we can play hard. Cheers bro for more travel sports action escapades! Now we both became sports, work and travel addicts. More vibrant of life to share the good life. Again Thank You Bro! For Sports and Travel Adventures

This holiday season hope we can travel more so you were based in Cebu now and Im in Manila but our family is in Bacolod, Singapore and US. I like to thank you for genuine care as a family and friend. Same as Air Asia worlds best low cost airline commitment to do better so everyone can fly the world and fulfill its dream. Like we did from simple beginnings.

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