Thursday, July 27, 2017

5 Suzuki Big Bikes Royal Arrival 2017

Suzuki Philippines unveiled its Big Bikes this year 2017, Last week I was at Makati showroom to see the "Royal Arrival"  of  GSX-R1000R and GSX-R1000, the Naked and handsome SV650A, Apex Predator GSX-S750 and the Suzuki Adventure Bike V Strom 1000XT. I saw some of these Suzuki Great Big Bikes creation roaring last year's MotoGP in Sepang.  

Mr Miguel Bichara on video gave about its message on its technical experience with GSX-1000R at Clark International Speedway. While Dr Edwin Cua - Suzuki Big Bike President showed his touring story for 2 months in US from East to West coast using a sport bike. Seeing different roads, landmarks, enduring different timezone weather and even got several ticket for speeding. 
He said that its good to experience waking up in a tent campgrounds with your motorbike beside you. Than a luxury hotel, So the satisfaction level of travelling with Big Bikes were define in the Motorcycle History. That he always rent and reserve Suzuki Big Bikes. If given the chance, I like to do cross country adventure someday. Then Latin America, Euro Alps and Americas like what he did will be my option as well. After touring around 81 Philippine provinces.

If you measure the road he traveled in US, not the straight expressway path. It is much more longer if you measure the distance from US to Manila. So his looking for those bikes with 1 million KM on its odometer. Then his weeks tour in French and Euro alps then Philippine province. That his loyalty with Suzuki were tested thru time. Because it didn't broke with that cross months of country touring adventures.

Aside from Pretty Suzuki girl models, Enrique Gil its endorser graced the event. As Dianne Medina hosted the event, As we Gave a Sake toast to Riders, Dealers, Mr Hiroshi Suzuki, Bobby Orbe, Reynaldo Odulio Sr, Philip Garcia, Suzuki New Buyers, Media and Wheeltek Executives.  Fresh from its win at Senior TT (Tourist Trophy) Isle of Man GSX-R100 continues its supremacy in various competitions. 

After more than 30 years of excellent performance, domination and innovation history the GSX-R has its new aggressive look to match. The 6Gen GSX-R100 embodies the lifework of passionate Suzuki Engineers to determine the needs of people who love riding and racing. To restore the throne as the King of Super-bikes. 
The powerful, cleanest-running, hardest-accelerating GSX-R ever built. Its also the best handling, most aerodynamic and most compact GSX-1000 with smoother response & better combustion efficiency.  Its electronic engine management system doesn't require an Engineering degree to understand. 

A machine designed to turn, run and stop easily. With powerful acceleration, cornering and braking makes its the most awesome GSX-R ever made. Available in 2 version GSX-R1000 and the limited edition production GSX-R1000R both ready for street ready for licencing.
If you take off the Mirror, plate and tape the lights they are also available for close course racetrack fun. Avail in Red, Blue and Matte Black at 995k pesos while the GSX-R100R in blue @ 1.169M pesos and special black finish @ 1.189M pesos. While the V-Twin fun for all Riders SV650A Sporty V-Twin superior valued @ 339k pesos. 

The Apex Predator GSX-750 with 749cm3 four cylinder fuel injected engine maximize its potential power on streets and windy roads. Priced @ 539k blue/black and red/black while the matte black is priced at 559k pesos. Apex predator super-sport engine armed with latest technology you can carry going in style. 
V- Strom 1000XT already proven itself to be the powerful yet comfortable touring ride. Its designed to conquer steep rough mountain slopes with powerful performance. It defies your adventure appetite with state of the art technology Bosch ABS system for soft maneuver to support difficult task. 

The wheels of this Adventure Bike is bigger designed for rough off road, asphalt adventure. At 19" in front wheel and 20" in the back wheel. For touring thrill durability and flexibility. With traction control for wheel streaming and off road intervention. Also it has knuckle covers protection for your fingers during harsh condition. 

Its motion track braking system will support riders to trace intended sudden or excessive acceleration. The advanced traction control system enables rider to control the throttle in difficult situation. As Bobby describes its VStrom 1000XT riding experience in Mt Pinatubo. Available in Yellow and White color retail at 734k pesos. Toast and more power to Royal Big Bikes Arrival!

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