Sunday, December 6, 2015

Roaming Around Bimmerfest 2015

Me kickass Jayson Statham and my bro Danilo from FC Barcelona roamed around last months Bimmerfest 2015 at One Esplanade. We saw a lot of styles of BMW owners on its exclusive event. From its E's X's and Zs whether its a Cabriolet, SUV, Sedan, Coupe or Hatchback. Im pretty much sure that Q will developed extra advance tech gadget action excitement add ons. While M will highly endorse again, then use those vintage and concept models on its future double O franchise crucial mission. 

The luxe of the jaw dropping premiere brand were also used to some of our favorite Hollywood movies. Im also having a hard time giving scores because I saw those every car exhibit deserves a recognition. It was a close fight, I wish I have the luxury of time to scrutinized more of its kind. So I could see-test its performance on roads and the drama behind those enhancements. 

So I compared my score to PMCM and see how women thinks. She's likes more of a modern while me considering a lot of things (from its history, charisma and performance). While Pepper her Lawyer Husband likes more of a modern Bimmer Type. Walking around those elegant cars couple times viewing its interiors thinking if Im going to change my score or not. While Meagan performs its relaxing single at center stage. 

Congrats to Edwin and Company for making the event happened for the past 12 years. Quite similar to what they do in the East Coast, not only road trip, gimmicks, caravan and styling-tuning competition. But also giving its support to various charity and advocacy like the Red Cross, Earth Hour and Children's Foundation.
Models like Aica with BMW enthusiast post photo ops outdoor. Seeing those boats and feel the sea breeze of Manila de Bay. At the back and front of esplanade we've heard various great sounds of the Philippine local car club presence. Some of them were not on display, But I'll give them a two thumbs up for supporting the enthusiast initiatives.

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