Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Manila Times - Fast Times Malaysian Moto GP and Travel 2016 Experience

Its good to see your name being published to one of the oldest and best newspaper in the country. Sounds like NY times or Time magazine and I find it juicy to read newspaper during breakfast. As the winner of MotoGP trip, after years of attempt in the moto world contest making a score to any of its 18 world races. 

So it did happen in its 17/18 world race circuit event prior to its season finally in Valencia. I finally made my 1st in Sepang, the good day start when I received a facebook PM from Anjo that I won the contest and then an email from Denise.  

Next we gathered to Malaysian tourism office in BGC Taguig together with Ira and Jemmer. My thought is that Manila Times Fast Times Moto GP X shared its blessings to its readers. As 1 winner from the media and 2 from public were lucky enough to be picked after we answered the trivia. Cutting the newspaper ad mailing and faxing it to its Manila office. At least my effort in several ways for years paid back.

We are Happy paired campers watching the Moto GP race live at the Sepang International Circuit! Because the win is an all expense paid trip for 2, so I brought my brother with Danilo from Cebu me. Coz my father and brother Marlo both fans and riders from Negros were not available during that time.

At the Manila Airport we were briefed by F1 and Moto Grand Prix Travel expert William of Red Rock Travel. Tips dos and dont's in Malaysia because they are sensitive to food, culture and religion. As well as tips on where to go and food to explore. After he handed our allowance and paid our travel tax. 

Not only that we go there for the Moto GP main event race. Also able to witness the action on Moto2 and Moto3. We also have the chance to visit the city like KL Gallery, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Green Shop Trading,  Tea Demo, Chocolate Coffee Shop, Fashion Brands Boutique, Merdeka Square, Batu Caves climbing and hanging out mingle with Religious Indians and Monkeys. 

King’s Palace where Raymond our tour guide discussed to us the Malaysian State, Symbols, Logo, Politics, History and Culture. Beryl’s Chocolate Kingdom, Central Market Free & Easy as a travelers. And foodie as we at Jalan Alor and Restoran Rebung where you can feel the Asian street food and authentic spice of life. 

Its jam-packed some were standing on 130k fans capacity in Sepang Circuit. As Moto GP fans flocked to the Circuit to watch the races from practice to qualifying rounds to finals and rain didn't bother us as well as the fans. I hope that f1 will still be here next year which I consider as the nearest and affordable way to see f1 live next to Marina Bay. As Indian GP in Buddh backs out last year.

I like it lunch in the sky as you see those 15 turn views on top view. As helicopter chase those big bikes that runs with a speed of more than 300 kph. As its sparks its migthy big engine torque sounds. While simultaneously accessing tour motogp views, angles, team datas, locations, timing app to enjoy the show or even access the 33 pits in your own fantasy. 

As the track were monitored by 27 circuit tv camera and fiber optic cabling system to enjoy every technical aspect of the race itself. Real time millisecond data, speedsters jargons and time paddock radio drama frequency essential for speed race juice. Welcome to my speed fantasy zone.

Having a hard time hitting the goal of making a title for myself. So more often, I always find a way to get closer to it, closer to those world champs. So I was cheering for Lorenzo, where I meet last year. But For the win 1 Dovizioso 2 Rossi 3 Lorenzo at podium. 

Too much speed maybe too much power and skill over rain Dovi dominates fire at will to veterans former world champs. Lap by lap it clearly indicates that d former world champs from Yamaha. Cant ignore the driving prowess of the rookie from Ducati. 
Speaking of Malaysian World Tourism at PICC one of its tourism manager told me about its 25 million tourist last year. After our tour around the halls, meeting place, cultural concert venues, bollywood, bullet proof VIP red carpet diplomats conference place. I said that's a lot, while we dine aside from reason why they have one of the highest export products in the world. 

Being on top of Petronas Towers world tallest twin tower. And Menara makes me feel like an Eagle that activates the Xmen cyclops inside me. That flops my wings above the clouds. Seeing those great magnificent view creations and building downside at far. 

Seeing those places far away via telescope put a smile on my face. Being inside the observation its more than just a sight but a fulfilled dream of build and they come. So here we are and we will over  and again to see its changes as time goes by.  

Among all of the Malaysian food tour what I like most is the D'Saji KL Titiwangsa in Jalan Kuantan Kuala Lumpur. I find it classy 7 stars when it comes to hotel to food category comparison. I think im floating in the sea, interiors were truly Asia. Ventilation and ambiance were excellent. Food most the seafood were cooked well that cooperate with my taste-buds.

While sailing at Cruise Tasik Putrajaya just beside PICC. I realized about our preview itinerary while I saw the hot-air helium balloon beside. Motogp, f1, shows, culture, food, place those tallest twin towers. Malaysia is simply way ahead and world class interesting place to visit. Now I wonder what the other 25m tourist last year would tell like.
Hera guide us to see MUD, A Malaysian Live musical show that shows how KL rise from great flood, storm and mud. Culture that builds tallest sky scrapers spirit. Build fine things and they (world) will come. It was a great learning patriotic culture. 

Congrats MUD artist for a world class performance with live audience participation, It was fun and exciting local humor we could be instant stage actors. A must watch show in KL that showcase its traditions and culture 

Heading back home to Manila via Malaysian Airlines up in the air I watched The Revenant Movie. After 2 decades of nice film Leonardo DiCaprio - Best Actor Titanic - No, The Wolf of Wall St - No, Aviator - No, The Beach - No, Romeo and Juliet - No, The Revenant - YES, then I just realize it takes more than just acting to get the Best Actor Award.

More than crying, fine suit, sex appeal, action, latest gadget, speech or acting. Sometimes you need to loose a lot of weight, eat fresh cow or fish, grow unwanted hairs even, live in stone age, endure terrible weather, use bears skin, sleep inside horse body. So its not easy.

To some it up from Airlines transpo after tallest tower, unique restaurant hoping, shopping, watching shows, historical monuments, malls, markets, people, KL mountain and race circuit extreme travel adventure. Life is really good to explore and enjoy. So visit those places I've explored in Malaysia on your next world trip.

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