Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Designing for the Future: Sports & Cool Fashion Outfit Trends We Need to Consider Now

Design of the future outfit should be related to its success. For instance as a Racing Fan like me, I should look like the brand used by the world champions. So I can be confident wherever I go, I've got the best, most competitive and finest materials used personalized fashion design in the world.

For instance the Red Bull F1 Racing Polo Shirt I worn, together with Casio Edifice timepieces.  Also worn by 4 time world Champion Sebastian Vettel and other F1 racers, lovely ladies glamour n glitz is that look amazing? With in race track, travel or just hanging around the mall, school, office or club. It looks great! feels even better when you wear it!
Common lets Rap! JayZ JB pay for Lebron, I pay for Dwayne Wade..Im ready for great basketball crossover, fade away, 3 points and power dunk. I used these Vivid purple color Nike Lebron 13 model basketball shoes. It feels good, fashion on sports makes me feel im the best current active NBA player in the planet like Lebron James. 

The design were amazing it is awarded as top basketball design NBA signature shoes.  You can feel the wow factor when you enter the sports hall or just simply walking on the street. Walking like a legend of sport and king of fashion. Crazy feet will make me feel I'm Lebron playing one on one with Michael Jordan, Thomas, Durant or Curry!
To be great, you need to follow great icons. Such as Jack Nicklaus the greatest golfer of all time. With a record of winning 18 major Championship. I wear his designed golden bear clothing brand, played at his designed golf course. I wish i could joined sometime to all those tournament that joined and golf course he designed around the world.  

It feel really good, you wear and walk at hall of fame grass. Then remember the name of greatest in that golf sport. Whether I used the designer clothes is office and meetings. People recognize it, smiled and gave it praise, So i'll give them a hi 5 for that!  
As a Floyd Mayweather Fan, I give him a 2 thumbs up for being a classy boxer. The best ever boxer with a stylish Fashionable King dress outfit. I'll gonna be wearing 007 rolex-omega watch, John Wick formal tactical outfit sometime and cool Floyd kinda dress signature sometime. Versace on the floor and Inglewood finest shoe mentioned by Bruno Mars makes me think-use buy those fashionable looking good cool items later. 

So really design plays a lot in our everyday life. It improves one image and boost its confidence. The way I do, As well as to protect the names and world champions I mentioned above. Wether its casual or formal fashion its part of my daily life in whatever occasion “This blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader” #designingforfuture

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