Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tricity Scooter Philippines

Yamaha launches its Tricity scooter to the country last week at SM Mall of Asia. I think they bring the concept of Tricity Technology in Europe to Asia.   Where most of 3 multilevel motor system technology came from. Ideal for rocky road or bricks.  

Tricity is much easier to balance and to drive than a regular 2 wheel scooter. So if you feel that driving an ATV is suitable for mountain or Boracay. Then this would be a great head turner in Edsa or in your Town Streets. 

Designer Hirotoshi Noguchi said “It is a high-quality design developed for the European customer’s sense of style. We wanted to create a smart and refined design that is different from others. And above all, to express how easy to ride this vehicle is.

This future of personal mobility allows two front wheels deal with terrain while keeping both tire in contact as you lean left or right. With its Leaning Multi Wheel system. Also when turning the pair of front wheels remain unequally contact to ground or even gutters.

This 125cc engine in now available at roughly 145k on nationwide Yamaha outlets. Measuring 75" x 28.9" x 47.8" with the wt of 330 lbs. The single disc brake is mounted on the rear wheel.  

Yamaha says “expects it to be the perfect inner-city commuter for many people and a great mobility solution in the typical European metropolitan traffic conditions.” So get ready to the cutting edge unique urban acceleration with Tricity.

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