Friday, May 31, 2013

Smartphones & Gadgets iPhone5 Vs GalaxyS4

I've test various smartphones, gadgets and devices. Like HTC1, iPhone4, Nokia97 and Sony. So far the latest is the better. Like the Telpad, Ipad2 Vs Galaxy Tab pros and cons.  Since were talking about latest phones that is hot in the market. 

Lets compare the pro's and con's of various models Like Galaxy S 4 Vs iPhone 5 Vs Motorola ES400S. While moto is the most expensive among 3 in world SRP. Military heavy duty muscle looks like, has an advantage usage for international roaming and travel. The 2 can't still beat the lowest price, 15 hours battery life, 12 megapixel camera,  wide screen and mass usage user friendly most-application of S4.  

Makes me wonder why Steve Job's hates HTC, Droid and Samsung when he was still alive. After his death all this small tech/phone company merge together with the use of Android application. And made them bigger and bigger. But my take apple is still unique. 

Not somebody else, With respect Siri and IOS is suits  for users that has a great taste. A great apple tech creation to who's as an apple was. While android is for mass usage and BlackBerry scan for BBM and messaging.

As technology evolves we don't know who's hot gadget every year. As users got different preferences. In my case the i bought is an LG L3 as the charisma of f1 partnership. Nobody knows who will dominate the tech industry year after year. So just watch out for the latest awesomeness. 

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