Monday, May 9, 2016

GT Academy Team Philippines Screening in Silverstone

The GT Academy level of competition for Team Philippines in Silverstone UK is really tough. Its like a reality show you may compare to amazing race or apprentice. I watched the Screening and the drama victory emotions were mixed of both good, bad, nice and ugly. Which in normal for a competitive high stake competition. As ABS CBN is the official broadcast partner of various episodes. See its live broadcast on TV of various episodes and feel the Pinoy race thrill.

I used to race with these folks on National Mall tour qualifying but didn't make it to the top 6. These guys are really tough and fast even does its virtual race homework. At home they practice and passionately race its due diligence daily to beat time record. Later we got a chance to talked to them after the screening at Bonifacio High Street Cinema.
Tension is tough, race stake is high for 1million dollar race career contract. The Top 6 from Philippines were Joward Policarpio, Daryl Brady, Rafael Miru Lesaguis, Terence Llave, Luis Cachero and Joel Agojo. This is a worldwide championship yearly competition, that gathers more than 13k aspiring racers in key cities in a 4 month period of time. 

Top 6 from Philippines underwent 9 day competition against other finalist from Japan, Thailand, India and Indonesia. To deter the 1 winner for Asian Leg and Joward was the 1st Nissan Asia GT Champion. Where virtual race driver dream transform into race car reality.

Challenges in various episodes are more than just racing a car. You need to know everything from mechanics, technology, endurance, teamwork, camping, to gymkhana precision driving of various cars etc. So the winners got its luxurious surprise perks while losers suffers consequences. Worst is getting eliminated in the race game. 

Finalist were given the chance to be mentored by previous race champions/experts. Nissan GT Academy winners and race icons like Marlon Stockinger. Congrats to Team Philippines and more power to the future GT Academy yearly race. 

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