Friday, December 19, 2014

Pacman Signature Gloves and World Champion Sports Memorablia

Speaking of Sports, I've heard Jordan shoes is trading for more than 100k USD. Last year I was in UAE holding at Alonso's F1 Steering Wheel and Helmet trading for thousand bucks online. Made me think why Bill Gates buy that expensive Da Vinci's 72 pages Notebook for 30 Million dollars. 

Or people pay for that expensive sport memorabilia. Because Da Vinci, Jordan, Pacman and Alonso were a great artist or sport icon. Now I understand why painting and some items cost much. Nor Boxing Super legend Iconic-Iron Muhammad Ali gloves sold at 520k Euros.
Manny Pacquiao ten world titles was really impressive for  a sport fan. After more than 50 wins he was declared as fighter of the decade beating iconic boxing champions.

After Hanging Out with Maradona and Massa at Yas Marina Paddock Club. It feels to to live closer to your dream.  Here's my winning gloves (Manny Pacqiao Signature on It) of last month's Main Event. Even Stallone and Gov Arnold was present to see the Action in Macau. 
Pacman Vs Algiere: (My Caption to Contest of Pizza company in the Philippines) Manny will show fair boxing, humility, kindness and art of sportsmanship. To the whole world and make Filipinos Great again.

I saw Messi performed his goal live last couple of months Maracana Rio, Brazil World Cup.  But what impressed me is the cost of Mario Gotze winning shoe (Final FIFA Argentina Vs Germany) was sold at 2 million Euros at Unction for Charity. Although Messi won the Golden Boot Award while superstars or highest paid pro's Ronaldo, Neymar and Rooney country team was Eliminated. 

Weither its world cup or any main event sport its good to feel you living closer to edge of your dreams. Apart from winning those iconic piece of our life. Closer to our favourite hall of fames or living the hall of fame life. If you want the gloves above Im selling it. Call 09279896797 or email me

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