Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Scania Monitors Fleet and Drivers

I visited the Edsa Balintawak Branch of Scania 2 weeks ago. I'ts good to see big trucks, passenger bus, parts and engines again. Scania Monitors Fleet and Drivers, Data Drives Development - Scania  Track your Driver and Fleet Data Management seems to be effective. Whether its a bus for passenger public transport or truck for heavy duty loads. Truck and Bus owners/operators can now have the peace of mind about the whereabouts of their fleets. 

Because aside from dash-cam visuals installed to your fleet. You can actually monitor its detailed diagnostics. Speed, fuel, load, distance, braking, condition, evaluation, time everything is being tracked the Swedish way to improve productivity fleet performance as well as decrease cost.  So you or your company have the full control or access of your fleet data. And have the clear information and understanding on how your fleet and drivers is performing.
Achieving fuel economy was the goal. I think operators and fleet owners will like these. Some press peeps from my table said that most drivers will not like these. For the reason of being track every second en route. Advantage to company's because of the peace of mind of where your multi-million peso truck and loads are. Even your staff and drivers cannot lie to you anymore about delayed or whatsoever. Because you know exactly where it was, its speed, its load and fraud can be prevented.

“The good news is all new Scania trucks that are being sold in the country come pre-installed with the Scania Communicator telematics unit. This device regularly collects, saves, sends and receives information for analysis and presentation on the Scania Fleet Management portal or through the Scania Fleet Management app that can be downloaded for free. 
Operators just need to activate the service in order for them to be able to connect to their fleet’s data,” said Leilani Lim-Tan, vice president of BJ Mercantile, Inc., the local distributor of Scania products in the Country. The monthly package subscription also provides remotes diagnostics about truck scheduled maintenance plans, repair and parts replacement tracking info to reduce downtime and breakdown risk aside from monitoring the drivers.

Scania Fleet Management package can be used for small or big fleets. They will email weekly summary covering all vital information vital infos such fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and driving behavior. From these they will see where to focus and heads up attention. The control package help fleet owners utilize vehicle and driver follow ups to support their transport process.

The system gives you more in depth detailed knowledge about your driver and vehicles performances. Detailed data can be used to protect both fleet and drivers safety from faults and potential fleet problem occurrence. Real time monitoring and other parameters is crucial to each journey. While inside the bus drivers cockpit. I remember the Transformers, Speed Movie and Van Damme those crazy driving stunts they did in those big fleets.

Scania driver support management team aims to coach Scania drivers effectively. They set the benchmarks and gauge its performance on how to handle Scania Fleet effectively and safely. Scania is a part of Volkwagen group employing 44k people that operated in 100 countries.  

Its Headquarters Research and Development is in Sweden. With a production plant in Europe and South America. With facilities for global interchange of components and complete vehicles. Net sales of SEK 95 billion and net income of SEK 6.8 billion in 2015. Visit facebook.com/scaniaphilippines and the site scania.ph for more info.

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