Friday, August 2, 2013

NBA Philippine Tour

Its been so frequent that NBA superstars visit Manila to promote sports and Advocacy. I meet some of them like Coach Spoelstra, KobeDrexler, Longley. And think many more to come, Not to mention Lebron and Jordan visit to the country this year. To feel the world champion inside men's bucket list. 
Look at James Harden of Rockets and Eric Gordon of New Orleans passed by my side at our press conference in sofitel hotel. Two of the most improve rookies during at present. I can see they maybe at par if not exceed Jordan, Kobe or Lebron performance. Let's see the action as time pass by? They had an on going promotion with sprite called NBA3X. I remember during my younger days Grant Hill endorse this product. "Cowboy Sprite or GH4 by Fila"
That most of my preschool and HS mates drink in the room after a sporting of basketball event. Same with purchasing hanes and gatorade even with a penny allowance to feel the Jordan airness in blood. I remember my uncle from US bringing us back home basketball ball with Pipen signature on it.
Paris themed Spiral at Sofitel Hotel Dining - One of the country's best fine dining restaurant.
Speaking of Motoring French "Puju" is at Hotel Entrance Display. But a certain product increase its value if endorse by world champion like McLaren. Can't wait to see Shumi, Vettel, Alonso, Kimi, Ken43, Rossi, Gordon to be part of my bucket list as well.
 Like to feel Bali, Waikiki or Mali in Philippines? Do sun bathing and stay here!
 Tour France ready for Euro Food Escapades 
 Pacer dancers were awesome same with the Laker Girls we saw perform before.  
Memphis Grizzly Mascot feels like Tarzan above Pinoy Jeepney! 
Enjoy in sports so More NBA, Clinics and World Tour to Come! Lets Go Anoa Anoa noa Jam Jam Jam!

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