Sunday, December 13, 2015

Autobots Farmville Tour in Cavite AAP-Petron Caravan

Its totally different experience to travel on a AAP VIP convoy on 15 different vehicles with security, safety car, moto police traffic aid and ambulance. I was thinking about a Presidential parade with transformer autobots convoy with f1race tour twist. The dozens of travel participants are ready for the great travel caravan. Another cool way to enjoy traveling  to the fullest. Fast big bike, ambulance and safety car is with you with back aeromed heli-air in favor of grandma-pa.. what safety can you ask for?

I've experience guided tour, backpacking and do it yourself random itinerary. But in this case its more of a safety hassle free well organized tour. To promote tourism to various regions and provinces in the country. They do also land, sea, air transfer on previous and future tour itinerary. To rediscover tourism and promote hidden treasure, really more fun in the Philippines.
AAP together with Petron brings travel into the next level. In coordination of Department of Tourism all started to promote cities and provinces. Eva told us the participants that they have planned to have 6 provincial tour next year 2016, So you may join the fast 8 ride. It's either you bring your own car or you join the in autobots. 

Or simply hop in to your friends sportscar, family van, vintage or minibus for the whole company barkada gang. Its good to travel in group our case on Van. I have Bong of Petron, Bess of AQ Magazine, Ross of Wazzup Pilipinas, DOT Cameraman and AAP Driver with me. Its like touring or rally its good to have side and backseat driver navigator with you. Or just simply tell each other your wild travel adventures.

To start up the 2 day tour de Cavite, the van picked me up in Edsa Shangrila Mall by 6am. Then we do Autobots formation then breakfast at Petron Macapagal Blvd in Pasay City. Then we depart for Aguinaldo Shrine and Museum in Kawit Cavite. We roamed around the 7 storey house of the late President General Emilio. 

Saw his palace in every angles as our tour guide explained. How courtship and meeting was made. Even saw his old school gadgets, uniforms, lifestyle and escape plan underground by land see and air. Even store his food, laundry, tower guard use, courtship, bowling hobby, earliest GE ref n using dry ice to preserve food from US.  
Then we went to Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm runned by family business who's promoting environment friendly bee products. Using environment friendly procedures (no machines) and power source like wood, solar recycled water from rain. And support local livelihood in the prefect hidden forest paradise spot at the heart of Silang Cavite. 

We were brief by the son of the owner who also trained in specialized bee farm training from in Argentina. And various part of the globe to developed bee farming. We watch several beezination technicalities videos, taste the fresh bee's honey from hexagonal bees farmville using our fingernail then do the pabebe post of the fresh natural sweetness it caused. 

I just knew that it have various variety. Depends on the farm like Mango, Coconut, Apple, Orange or any Plants or Flowers it sucks. Wow its just like coffee or wine with variety seems sounds like a great liquid buffet. The farm was like a hidden treasure, it feels so fresh inside. With the good sounds of flowing river, nature fresh air, chirping birds and avatar insects sounds.

After we went to gourmet farms  and have lunch its Dining Room. Former DOT secretary now AAP President Mina Gabor Graced the lunch. With a program with Cavite official and tour sponsors. Well what I did after lunch is a cool dessert. When we toured at the back farm is that I chewed like Michael Jordan gum or goat herbivore mode the fresh lettuce and veges piked from the farm itself. Then do the selfie, haha...remembers me the farmville game app.. it was fun n legal. Then we went to Cornerstone pottery farm. 

Where the artist demonstrate how the clay was made. And burned twice and it takes several days to made that. Naturally! Some of the participants where singing the old school classic love song when the owner do performed on how the clay was made into a flower base or bowl with artistic design. Guess what is the song? Its not MLTR, its the famous karaoke oh my love my darling sexy romantic ballad ghost - unchained melody. I need your me.. 

Then we do visit the Yokis Farm in Mendez, Cavity City. Where we ate wild black berries while walking around the hydroponics theme farms. Reminds me of grade-school summer days when we attacked fruit farms as a fruit ninja kidz.  Not only a farm but it display great collections of world artifacts and animals on cage as well. Where your family can bond and enjoy so its a museum, zoo, farm in one package.

Well the farm was educational it has lots of various variety orchids flowers hanging. As well as herbs, vegetebles fruits and medicinal plants you can discover to plant-seeds you can take home. And learn how grow it on your own backyard. By using hydro technology or just even improvise water irrigation system.  

After we went to gingerbread house ate our kidsong theme bread and ice color cooler agogo snacks. Its more of a toy, chocolate, kids play pen restaurant. The monkey surprise us outside. As I gave him a cyclops bright light coming from my droid on its tree house. Then proceed to the lake district for dinner, I feel cold and I like it the cool breeze and view of Tagaytay. Hot sinigang na hipon pampered me after dinner we proceed to our Days Hotel nearby.

It was a great view of Tagaytay as I passed by elevator going up to 6f. Feels like I'm the Tower of Cavite Province seeing lots of mountain, waters, islands its was great day. Now ready for Day 2 we went to Puzzle Mansion, listed as the largest puzzle collection in the world. With thousands of collection from world travel to various category of interest like coke, arts, hollywood, disney, 3d, politics, portrait, animal marvel and a lot more.

Then we went to Balay Indang farmers park for lunch and nature trip. One of the best place to dine with you can feel at home. I like the sotanghon and the way they cooked the meat. You may play seesaw or sungka with your friends and family to feel the nature. And do family trek as you may see pomelo. With lots of wild plants, trees and  flowers varieties.   

Next is we stopover at Indang farmers park. Its the usual market but what they sell was fresh pick from the farm at the back or nearby. Where we meet President Teodoro Bautista and Co. He let us see his livelihood training and herbal backyard farm plantation. Also the Ifugao house and how a small herbal farm backyard can sustain livelihood and send kids to school. 

Last is that participants do shop at Amiras Pasalubong Center and Good Shepherd. Even in previous farm stop, so see you again on next AAP travel caravan trips.

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