Saturday, July 2, 2016

TBE Sportsman Better than Ali, Tyson and Jordan

During my teenage years I followed great athletes like Jordan, Tyson and Pacman. I was obsessed in multi sports and beginning to admire world champions of various sports. During my martial art - my Junior and College TKD Varsity years. I think I could win more international championship match. If I just realize and applied Floyd Mayweather defense and offense tactics. I just anticipate it and study it carefully since Pacman lost last MayPac2015.
Honestly I cant still move on up to now, I was reviewing the previous match and presscon. Even with out sound I care fully analyze the points, gravity of the situation and score. All I can say it was technical and legal since I officiated more than thousand martial art match since I was an active TKD referee a decade ago. Realizing that if both warriors were former champions, strong, smart and fast. So be it, the best ever win. 

I was a die-hard Pacman fan before the fight. I even bullied by calling him Gayweather before. I just realize he was true to himself, talk trash and back it up with actions. I am a Filipino but this is just an honest review of what I saw and realized. Here's the reason why? No one athlete can defend its title for almost 2 decades. Schumacher made it 7 in f1, Jordan hype the crowd for less than a decade like Tiger Woods, Nicklaus, Ronaldo and Messi.
The Best Ever in sports set the benchmark of getting sports into the next level. Most professional athlete I've ever known. He was bitten by Maidana, hit in the Groin by Judah and headbutt by Ortiz. But still managed to be professional at all times and then grab the opportunity. The sportsman who's being watch and hated by the world. 

With a record breaking or more or less 5 million dollar per minute action. That will set the benchmark of earning in sports history. Which are dictate by fans all across all sports pay per view in demand. Welcome to the greatest sports show, entertainment and gladiator match on earth. Just like any other he was more than just an athlete. 
He may talk trash do stunts that will create hate but you gonna watch him. A businessman who master his craft and sell the action to the world. And even escorted by superstars like  Bieber, 50 cents, Tyrese in the event and watch by superstars like Bradgilina and Denzel. Im a Britain fan but I think Q, M and 007 will not be very happy since he humiliated him in front of Brit dominating crowd

In the entertainment capital of the world called Las Vegas. Even dance with the star in Manchester United uniform to bullied Hatton. Use Philippines flag colors when appearing to crowed, stylish costume, gladiator suit and chicken on nest to pissed off golden boy, to entertain the fans and mostly sell boxing tickets. The guy can beat both young and old champions at its peak. Like the one I admired Canelo, Dela Hoya and Marquez.

I admire Ali's principle of fighting and war, Tyson's killer punch, Rousey and Conor warriors performance. During the time that the 2 MMA champ likes to fight with him. I think they're both not it that level prove yourself make a career and defend your world title first for 2 decades. Lets say give her (Ronda) a date. Meanwhile, Conor is lucky to be trained by coach Freddie Roach and offered a billion dollar worth of fight on Christmas Eve. 
Defense no fancy punch, controlling the pace, landing accurate shots, attacking with precision. Utilizing the ring with smart point luring tactic. Master the art of defense, Shoulder Roll Baby to reduce friction force to gain strength the Michigan unique style, spring-coil then land a clean shot. Every boxer always attack but the best ever boxer know when to.. when to not. 

Cannot be affected by the cheer of majority fans even by renowned boxing commentator accolades. Funnel that bait lean back counter attack, Hit and dont get hit. Not the fastest, strongest, even dozens of world champions can win. As you master the sport rhythm of perfection precise offence and best defense. 

Don't ignore the style, sweet science and pro technique baby. That defines how I judge the Best Ever, Among all Sport by Longevity and total greatness personality package.  

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