Friday, December 11, 2015

Yacht Sailing and Outsourcing with NRS Business Solution

Cruising last month in Manila bay makes me feel Im in Titatic and Wolf of Wall St Hollywood movie Scene. I've been sailing to various parts of the country and abroad mostly involves fast action sports, events or travel. But last month it was totally different its all about business related. It was a slow boat to a journey of corporate indulgence.

I got a chance to cruise to one the of the most successful company in the field of consultancy. Like start up, database, software application, events, back office, talent management and inbound outbound call center management. I asked one of its founder Norlin Sunga of NRS business solutions while we are on board. 

After she introduced us to her company with a short brief presentation. Who are your clients and what you made to say you make your boss rich? She said she is just a start up single mom business who had trained in Australia as a corporate employee. Gain the know how and experience in outsourcing field. 

And then start her own business under her name expand to do business around the world with more than 100 staff as of the moment.  Right now they are currently working with Bill Gates Foundation one of the most admired company and foundation on earth. I gave her a wow and clap for that!

Makes me realize how powerful ladies nowadays. You may see CEO running a luxurious car company. Even software development or call center venture capitalist. I learn a lot from the lady behind silicon and outsourcing valley. Wishing her current ventures business or job was mine or yours my fellow wanderers gentlemen? Ayt? 

We cruise around Manila Bay from a distance we saw the view on MOA, City Bright lights, Solaire Hotel and even romantic dinner ferries on cruise. It was sparkling moment as we celebrate NRS success with a toast of wine. Even fireworks as advance celebration before holiday ends.

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