Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ford Road Safety Test - Driving Skills For Life

Ford Philippines provide free driving skills for life for fuel economy as well as road safety. So we test drive this car on Pasay City, Metro Manila. After a thorough road safety lecture with Tuason Racing School Instructors at Ford Makati last weekend. See our race-drift-motor-talk while inside the ford safety car video here. See how much can we go further as par as road safety is concerned?

That we need to always check car leaks,tire pressure, secure objects or loose any objects, driving seat position, check fuel, water and oil indicator before set off. We re-familiarizes again when we spot the leak color, texture and diagnosis of various oils. Good to know that one of the TRS instructor Gas Owner/Chef were fellow Red Rusher and MScape participant-enthusiast. 

Who understands beyond physics of car engine chemistry. Mostly oils percentage leak and  They educate more us about braking, fuel efficient as well as myth or false belief. On this and that. Like matameter or sipameter they mean to test the tire air pressure just by looking or kicking which is not safe/proper. 

You need to use the right gauge  or refer to your car manual or sticker inside below doors. Oil check, 3 second rule and distance. If you got 2 tires the priority of hanging is at the back to get more grip and traction.  That you need to always fasten your seat belt. 

That its always the drivers responsibility to secure before he/she drives. To have all your passengers in car to fasten its seat-belt. Although its the number 1 rule in racing of safety first. And car passengers is dependent only on car number of seat-belts. 

Like you cant put 6 or more people in a let say sedan with 5 seatbelts. Think about going to foreign country private jet air travel with your family or barkada on 11 but only 10 seat-belt left. Weird right? Although i felt guilty yesterday to police office-mates for early morning meal with friends on nearby restau-bar, 2 of them were not using seatbelt. Even the distance is just near like less than 1km.

They discussed things about traffic rules, blind-spots technique, bottleneck heavy traffic alternate pass and more technical things we should know on road safety. Proper use of lights when raining. Like busted lights and drunk driving punishable by law (1 even 1 shot of wine, alcohol or beer) no excuses, proper speed on Skyways, Small Streets 3 second rule or Edsa. Not to slow not to fast but the ideal speed. Aside from speed signs on road. 

I remember a lot of demerits from scores while on the backseat driver beside the judge do the score in every movement. When we do the Drive City from Metro Manila to Alabang Alpha route while observing the 2 team driver in front seats. Same with my fellow friend veteran driver from Philippines. Whole fails 3 times in other country by failing its exam. Observing strict international safety guidelines.

Because speed doesn't kill but traction does. Then they do the egg as well as pregnant demo. Aside from Ford cartoon AVR. I asked about when i put the seat-belt under my 2 arm or lap they said its dangerous. And in some cases the witnessed accident regarding that incident so I was fully convinced.

Because driver critical education due to high percentage of accident mostly to 1st time buyers. The DSFL or Driving Skill For Life established in US by 2003 a non profit fund by safety experts. They trained more than half a million drivers annually worldwide and 50k of this came from Asia Pacific. 

Aside from advance safety features technology of this model we drove last month at Taguig. We do refresh with Focus advance safety feature like Like automatic parallel Parking Assist, Active braking Assist, Hill-climb assist, Hands Free - Voice Over Command, Pets Safety, Pregnant Woman and Elderly Driving. 

We are more than 20 in the DSFL class both young/old men and women. So we need to always calibrate because car of tomorrow and today evolves. Same goes with the traffic rules. Even the TRS instructors admit that. Cheers to Ford for being an active road safety advocacy. As well as anticipating consumers needs by redefining the future of road safety.

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