Thursday, April 20, 2017

Predator 21X Conquer New Worlds with ONE Championship

Predator Philippines conquer new worlds as they Joined forces together with ONE Championship. Predator 21X great specs for multiplayer, esports such as fighting and f1 racing. To bring gaming experience to the next level. 

Sarap maglaro sa ironman station na to at mag-browse & online streaming. Venue ideal for highly competitive pro gamers to dominate the world. Malapit na ako akong maging alien predator sa online world 😃 #dreamstation
Last year One Heavyweight Champ Brandon Vera mentioned hes into gaming and played hundreds of game tapes. Yesterday he mentioned it again at high grounds cafe. After he taught us several MMA grappling techniques and rules. Also mention fellow pro fighting folks who was at yearly Comicon in San Diego Expo playing games for years.

I also played the Street Fighter after Ed and Ev does using the Predator. But what excites me most is the eye contact features. That the monitor screen follows as you stare into it. Brandon Vera and Rich Franklin both heavyweights MMA fighter show us how to choke, rules, techniques and how to win fights. 
In my case I love fight and race games. I think this one of the coolest creation with clear graphics and great sound effects. Serious and competitive gamer will appreciate the intensity of these predator machines. Predator Philippines is really a generous sponsor of Kings of Destiny

The winners of One Championship tomorrow main event match will be having this half a million peso superb laptop as a victorious prizefighter reward.  Its just been last month and yesterday I played fighting games and use it to browse f1 clips and videos. It seems that it feels like I'm in the ultimate alien predator online world.   
The 21" curved screen enable gamers to completely immerse themselves in the future of gaming. With G Sycn technology, that lets gamer see all of its opponents without delay. So they can respond quickly and easily with out a threat. 

Its custom engineered five fan cooling, top of the line power for the fastest gaming in the world. Hifi sound cherry MX keyboard for advance control predator sense. As Predator 21x as a perfect weapon to annihilate any opponent. Or just to be fast in the other opponent in the field of racing, enjoying videos, social media or communicating to the business world.
2 power plugs-in for two 330 watt bricks allow anyone with this weapon to game hard as long as you can survive. Predator doesn't only conquer the world of gaming but it conquers new worlds of gamer themselves. Its all about making the experience as real as possible. Said Ray Gozon Predator Sr Marketing Manager.

Victor Cui - One Championship CEO said We are thrilled to be in Partnership with Predator this year as One Championship brings its unique brand of MMA in Action to an MMA adulating country like the Philippines for the 10th time. Predator is a world class brand and just like One Championship, it aims to bring no less than the best to its fans and followers. 

The winner of tomorrows match will receive the Predator 21X. As they create a whole spectacular fight in the ring as they reveal the ambassador tomorrow. MMA is a physical and mental game. So whether your into fighting or gaming you need to be in professional manner at all times.

Try to avoid beast mode and focus on the prize or winning. Gamers like us  in every Juan in the street. We've been a gamer in our life both young and old. Just like me and you we deserve the best weapon, So does Predator ultimate weapons give its solution and One Championship as sport inspiration. So let it be April 21st, lets get ready to Rumble!

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