Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Time for Us to Tech, Rock, Art and Rap Party @ Yes Please

If you take a look the streets in..for example Makati City, Ortigas, Edsa or BGC area. Even riding car, bus, jeepney or MRT/LRT train. Almost every minute you will glance left, right, front or back. You will see somebody wearing Casio Gshock creations. One of the best timepieces that will truly defy the tech motor sport action adventure blood. I'm a fan of these great Japanese watch creation since high school. 

At first impression they look like created for specialized military wide deep sea, highest air and toughest land exploration. Good looking heavy duty mechanical shock vibration timepiece. Last week at Yes Please club BGC, I saw and feel something different. It was visual art, computer technology, rock, rap spoken poetry and gaming theme party. I've saw a bold move from tech giants on how they truly understand the tech lifestyle pulse as well as need of the public. 

I've heard again the famous Wolf Gang - Rock n Roll style music of Basti Atardi's Rock Band, whose famous in 90's. Together with Juan Miguel Severo who popularized the spoken word poetry like the combination evolution of poetry similar to fliptop and rap. He performed the personalized poetry creation title as “Ito Na Ang Huling Tula Na Isusulat Ko Para Sayo”. Original piece that became viral in social media among the millennials group. 

“At Acer, we believe that it’s time to focus on bridging the generation divide,” shares Sue Ong-Lim, Sales and Marketing Director of Acer Philippines. “It’s imperative that we see that, amidst the differences between Gen Xers and millennials, they are also a lot alike.”

Ive seen and played the rockman gaming previously released in family computer in 90's but now using the Predator top of the line Ultra gaming PC. So we enjoy the rock-rap-art themed party the whole night. With great beers and cocktails to celebrate the unity between brands and generations. It does not only means that our time as old or new ages passed by. 

It just make us more comfortable whether we feel too old or too advanced. It defy that no matter how old school you are as rockman or wolfgang. You will still be remembered and still-in, in these high tech millennial world. And it doesn't matter whether you like 1 2 or 3 decade old high quality casio original watch vintage models. 

How tough-deep is that watch capability specs when it comes to barometric pressure, temperature and altitude. Fans that eyed for such gravity, gulf, mud, air, seamaster, gshock frogman or the high end super advanced jaw dropping MRG-G1000RT/Atomic Solar Hybrids. 

That will satisfy fan timepieces mechanical tough design desire. To be used to explore high jet-setting altitude, deep sea diving  and rough land highest peak. Because the higher, the tougher the deeper is the better right? Maybe that's for just for extremist me, but mostly a simple as the basic GShock for the majority of regular fans.

To conclude its unity partnership 2 big brands unite the 2 generations. By getting a free G-shock watch for every Acer laptop purchase. 90's MTV fame crush Donita Rose and 99.5 FM Justin Quirino hosted the event rock-rap-art-tech-beer-booze party.  So Casio and Acer did revolutionize the best tech thing that we used everyday! Bravo Congrats and more power #TimeForUs campaign!

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