Tuesday, June 27, 2017

WCC Aviation Airfield Pilot Tour

Last month I went to WCC Aviation Company Hangar in MIAA Pasay City  going to Binalonan Airfield, Pangasinan. For Pilot orientation, during my college years this is one of my dream up to now. To become a Pilot, not just as private or commercial Pilot. But also a race extreme or a military Pilot. The higher, faster and further altitude the more I like it. I was inspired by Maverick of Top Gun, Sean Connery 007 Little Nellie.

As well as John Travolta's real life profession as an Actor - Career as a Pilot, Red Bull Air Race and then Arnold Palmer Golf legendary story of flying, roughly 20k hours. The golf world champion fly the plane himself competing around the world as a pro golfer. Treated the globe using his private planes like a car service roaming around Metro Manila. That revolutionize the whole world golfing sport tour, aviation and business industry. 
Maybe I can do it someday? Unifying all glorious main sporting event in the world such as F1, Nascar, Lemans, MMA, Boxing, Moto GP, Champions League, World Cup, PGA Tour, NFL, Wimbledon, NBA and all the sporting main event finals. I want to have a conversation someday like where did you park your chopper or plane? I must be dreaming again talking to bad ass plane sports icons owners like Lauda, Floyd, Tom, Lewis, Tiger, Neymar and Beckham. Wake me up I must be dreaming!

Hazel, did invite me to see the School facilities and its runway in Pangasinan. WCC Trainers and Pilots To see its dozens of Planes, Facilities as well as show us different Bachelor Courses (4 year degree) and Short term courses (2 years) Pilot training curriculum. Also show its high salaried Flight Stewardess Graduates and Pilot testimonials. Computation of salaries return of million peso investment as a student. 

I enjoyed the Alsim Simulation, Cabin tour and the flight Simulator room. Also they have more than 30 planes like Tecnam 2 and 4 seater, Piper, Let, Cessna plane models. They also offer plane taxi services and commercial flights to different provinces like Boracay, Batanes, Puerto Princesa and Isabela using its 19 seater aircraft via Sky Pasada.

The school campus have runway and lots of international students. As well as pool, leisure facilities, hotel and dorm type accommodation inside the campus. WCC more than 500 graduate Pilots, mechanic and flight steward now are successful serving to almost all of airlines in the world. Visit WCC Aviation College site wccaviation.com for more info about its plane taxi services, local chartered routes, commercial cargo and aviation schooling.


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  2. Wow, I like to visit and blog about your school sometime.