Monday, December 3, 2012

6th Manila Auto Salon

Is She Legally Blonde? Last Nov 29, 2012 I was at opening of 6th Manila Auto Salon at SMX back to back with DSAS defense show. The country's premier Car Tuning and Styling Show.  

The competition are on various categories such as Engine Modification's, Chip Up, Turbo Charging, Road Handling Improvements, Audio, Paints, Interiors and Many More. Shows like this were flooded by enthusiast. Not just for everything car discounted prizes but also for competition on every car design/tuning aspects.
Im inside Bridal Decade old Mini Limo, Owner said it was just finished yesterday. Improvised Mini Car Brand Stretched for Styling Passion.
 Im looking for the Super Heavy Masculine Terminator, Big Show and the Rock Service? High Bumper heavy rock n roll Toyota's and Humvee's
Veteran motoring executives Greetings on Car Show Entrance. Wurth Managing Director and Manager - Ariel & Arvin Manning their Exhibit on Auto Show Specializing in German Car Products.
Top Gear Model on BRZ and 86 Hot on Press. Car Racing on Video and Booth's Discounts were Given during the 4 day car show
 Stylish Bikes
 Car Show Executives on Opening
Big Boyz Toyz, See more Car Pics and Stories here

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