Saturday, November 24, 2012

All Natural Calidres 28 Black German Taste

 extra4 hours on my tough days work load

If you were thinking of energy drink the thing comes up my your mind is Red Bull, Monster, Bacchus, Cobra and a lot more. I got a chance to taste this 28 Black All Natural Energy Drink. On our last meeting with Jr Azkals @ Cafe Lupe, Antipolo overlooking Manila couple of months ago. As well as last couple of days, So if you think about again of Germany in car industry amazing creations it has Gull-wing Benz and BMW Z's.

Caption this, extra 96 hours tougher?

But anyways Calidres 28 is a premium drink co in Luxemburg. Lunched in Berlin, Germany 2008 and now extending its global wing into Central America, UK, India, SG, China, Spain and Now Philippines. So long for German All Natural energy Drink efficiency. 

So what does this 28black different from other energy drink? I taste the acai berry quality ingredient. A good natural ingredient for blood circulation to fight cancer. That completes its motto that it has 28hours in a day if you drink this. Extra 4 hours? Many people need that including me my alternative in buying the future capsule invention call the extra 4 hour or 10 hour sleep capsule.  I'm just kidding!

So lets get the Vistory Party Started with Caipi 28 cocktail! If you like cock or vodka martini shaken but not stirr.. Here's the 28 Black Recipe procedure. Good for your health naturally!
45mL brown rum
2 heaping tablespoons brown sugar
½ lime

Wash and juice the lime. Mix into the juice and mash. Add rum. Stir well to thoroughly dissolve the sugar. Add crushed ice and 28 BLACK. Stir and serve.

28 Black already support lot of events including car motor show Race Chip, concerts gigs General Luna, running and most of all football Teen Azkal. You may see its ads on billboards all over the Philippines. But if you like to be a re-seller or distributor you may contact this company Try and see the taste all natural drink difference.

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