Friday, July 28, 2017

Tips in Getting A Car

Sponsored post, but the experience and tips is for real. Finding the right car of your dreams is quite a long and challenging process. I bought my first Mitsubishi Galant Car a decade ago back then. So, I learned a lot of lesson from years of experience. Some are nice, some are great, some are bad and some I would just keep it by myself.

As a race fan, I made a lot errors when it comes to maintenance and the do's and don'ts. I just drive it like a go cart and race wherever I like. So I learned a hard lesson that might help you select the best car of your dream. Purchasing a car is like a long term even a lifetime relationship. 
That you need to take care of it or nourished it every single day. So If you take care or be careless of that relationship it will lead to either a 1 night stand, months, year or even a decade partner marriage in your everyday travel or driving life. Ask yourself what type of car do you really want?  A family, sports, luxury, business, van, trail truck or just a plain daily economic fuel efficient work car.  

Ask a friend or existing brand model user? About the specific brand year and model performance experience. You need to see how it was doing everyday or within the past months or years. Where to go if it suddenly broke down. The available parts nearby your place. And class the design, brand and capability that suits your unique personality.
These area the things that you need to consider: You need to know the engine and structure of your car inside and out. The Brand itself you must join the facebook or social media group of these models. They help each other and shared tips of the specific models. 

Like the Mazda 2 group, Suzuki Kizashi, Toyota Vios, Tesla Electric, Citroen, Mitsubishi Fortuner, GMC Tahoe, Lotus, Subaru BRZ, McLaren, Ferrari, AMG, BMW, Porsche Carrera Lemans group and a lot more. You may ask question or even report unusual experience or question you have in mind. Feel free to ask, you got nothing to lose. Also read several auto reviews from newspaper, magazine and blogs. one of an alternative source of learning for your next potential purchase. Aside from watching BBC Top Gear, Nascar, Lemans, Fast and Furious or Amazons Clarkson's effect endorsements. They have huge selection of brands, videos, reviews feature.

So you can compare each thought on how extensive its information of a specific car that you need. Some journalists are just simply sugar coating the said brand, some are really honest they will tell you the exact pros&cons and some are brutal when it comes to reviews. If you need 10 opinion of specific brand model I suggests you might get 5 from media and 5 from the actual users itself.  So you may do your own research homework, test drive and examine everything and you'll be the judge with these viral's.
Do not stick to one dealer, if your getting several automobile. Always compare its competitive benefits, insurance and performance after sales service package along the way. Sending several emails, getting phone calls and car window shopping reply from a certain dealer will make you realize how much better or professional is the dealer from the other. 

Because by the end of the day its your hard earned money and life safety is at stake. I saw a lot of horror and great car stories online and offline. Some are just quite enough not to share its piece. Cars should be a Lightning McQueen, Bill Elliott, Dale Earnhardt, Vettel, Alonso, Kimi, Lewis, NASCAR, F1 or Lemans victory action experience and not crash, drama or horror car stories.  

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