Sunday, October 21, 2012

Subaru Impreza Hand World Champions

I meet the Subaru  Impreza Hand World Champion in 2009 at Subaru HQ together with the Subaru Asia HQ CEO. The younger the better chances, not true to A 40 year old winner Mohd Anuar. Same also to my close encounter with Chong KC who endures 75 hours winning the Subaru Challenge 2011.

Face off to the record of George Lee 81 hours in 2008. Hours count as in running , racing and swimming milliseconds count. That their no place for second like when you run for Presidential or City Mayor office election.
This is a very serious business you need to hold the car for day. And beat other hundreds of participants from other countries for several days. As many applied only 1 chosen, but in the case of Philippines we start with more than a hundred and ended up to top ten. 

On my fourth attempt as a challenger, I feel sleepiness, discomfort, uncomfortable, hallucination, your feet and hand will explode standing for days. To mention some extra challenge like Castrol Oil, Banana, Mineral water lift, knee high while hand on car. A combination of mental and physical training plus the rain or shine weather. Like a normal golf, f1 or football championship. Mind, body and spirit.

In 2009 we encounter some honor guards on the late President Cory Aquino. Some are athletes and from the military. But only 10 were chosen to represent to Asian Challenge in Singapore. So get in the impreza car and never let it go..

This happen every year first the eliminations to each 10 Asian countries then the finals at Singapore. Who would be the next world champion? For KC its already a history. So long Goodluck to the 2012 Philippine Subaru National Team

This yearly endurance challenge represents the replica of Subaru in the world of motorsports. Not to mention its drifting, rally and racing performance. If Toyota got Lexus, ferrari f1 got Benz Gullwing Referee, 007 got Aston Martins and BMW Z's then Nissan got Powerful Endurance Subaru Bear!! 

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