Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Global Water and Energy Challenges 2013

The main challenges now in futures world is the Global Water and Energy. Leaders all over the world must take actions on how to maximize and use these resources efficiently. To protect the mother earth as well as our people. Energy to help more than 2 billion poorest people of the world. That will lead to sickness, starvation and poverty. 

As we know energy advance global civilization. But may cause harm to environment. TV, ref, car, air-con are available for reach world.  And it cause warming the planet and temperature effect that will harm humans, temperature and ecosystems collapse. I would like to see more education symposiums and alternatives. Individuals should do a lot of tree planting, recycling and energy education awareness.
Recycling and a lot of Energy and Water Symposium awareness

If temperature will continue to rise it can be carbon dioxide. And we need to make changes to lower that down usage of more than 9 billion earth people. See more of that energy speech by Bill Gates on last year Tedx to get out poverty. By using energy wisely because the population of the world is doubling in the next decade.

Speaking of water everybody must drink and use clean-water. As I experience that some water in Metro Manila are not clean. I saw brown water on faucet when heavy rains arises. That most of only 5 star hotel condos and affluent subdivision townhouses has clean water. Because they have water cleaning technology. So how about those people on poverty or squatters area will not experience regular clean water for the rest of their life. 

Last President Clinton speech on Harvard told that states some issues on world safe water. That some people could not drink fresh clean water for the rest of their life. Good thing that those people at that time is in America with good water condition I mean water technology. How about those people who are in poverty? Or in third world countries? Contaminated waters killed a lots of people to some poor countries.

Leaders all over the world like him must exposed that to the public. On how to conserve clean water by tree planting and many environmental protection for mother nature and humanity. Empower our entrepreneurs to do that and inspire our young generations to come. That they will used water and energy wisely and efficiently. 

I really like going to big events in the world. But this time in Abu Dhabi covering not just a regular presscon. But a remarkable event with 30 000 plus people and 150 countries brainstorm together to  to Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, dated January 13-17,  “Engage: The Water-Energy Nexus.” sponsored by Masdar.

In such a way I can share onto this blog and my social media network. The value of our engagement in the Water Energy Nexus main objective.

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