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Honda Plant Tour, 1m Blue Drive and Testing CRV and Hybrids

2 days before I flew to Cambodia last week. I had a chance to be at the environment friendly car assembly plant in Santa Rosa's, Laguna Technopark. As a mix lifestyle blogger I had a chance to visit Honda Assembly in the Philippines, saw 1m Blue Drive and Testing CRV and Hybrids. 

In correlation to this techmotorsport blog. I remember touring various plants before in which we saw how virus are being treated like a hospital in invisible software world, testing various cars, gadgets. And hanging out with world champions and talking about on how they were made as title is not given but  its earned. 
Me some Honda staff and Daddy Joey also Ken from Inquirer drove this cars in Laguna techno park were we saw a lot of Japanese brands plant as well.  As part of eco safe driver to promote 1m Blue for green and healthy environment. We switch drivers position somewhere down the road, while our backseat driver from Honda were educating us about the gas and hybrid charge moments. 

Honda insight hybrid give me a walt disney smile. Think about a solar friction energy while your driving this car. On how you car save energy and save the environment by less pollution. I remember during my GS and HS years of using friction light Japanese bike while biking at night roughly 3-5 times a week.

Also this picture inside the Plant. They automate the power consumption as in Auto off for aircon, lights and some plant facilities. As a result of that practice they save thousands of kilowatts on power consumption. My buddy Joey tripped out  Ken 1 of our colleague from guyito. That's what happen if your always out of the country, body clock adjustment timezones sleeping disorder covering motoring and various events.   
Bloggers together with Honda Staff and Winners from Online Campaign Contest
Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. General Manager and President Tatsuya Natsume welcome us for the event of  “Drive for Blue Skies 
Honda Plant Managers and Staffs Patch Quila, Allan Santos, Bonar Laureto, Joe dela Torre talked to us about detailed stats of Honda History stats, Products, Eco #1MBlue Campaign target to 1 million drivers to save 500 000 of liters of fuel everyday. 

That translates to 2.3 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere also to increase awareness as well as promoting this to social media. As well as a little bit about F1 racing, Motors, CRZ 6 models just launch last this week Ranges from 1.6m to 2.1m pesos, Acura and much more history about Honda.
The Wall pledge of customer statisfaction, but we saw actually how a Honda car were assembled in 5 days. Also being put into oven and testing for international quality standards. To make sure that every Honda you drive were of zero defect.
This gauge shows how much liter of fuel we consume when the hybrid is charging by speed. And functions as an alternative energy for gas. Can't wait to see more hybrids in the country like how MVP imported telstra last month.
 I pledged on the wall to prevent global warming
 Know more about Honda Robot Asimo
Honda Jet ventures on Aviation first passenger was F1 former Champion Jenson Button. Who know iI may talk to this robot and guest passenger of this jet sometime?
On our roadtrip going to Nuvali, We saw this corned beef crossing the street, remembers me of a country place.
We drive on Honda 4 on convoys to Nuvali Wakeboarding and Laguna vicinity to feel the smooth.  To witnessed how the 1m Blue Campaigned is applied, As we switch drivers positions to feel the Honda's worlds best creations. After we saw on how they were assembled and tested by various pros before public use.
Im a navigator this time. Joey was driving, Honda staff was the Backseat driver and Ken from inquirer at the back to the critics. As we switched positions we each critics to errors and deductions on international driving points. Like hundred of those when my former judge in Total Driving City and  some Red Racing Ferrari Instructors said.
Joey Said his friend had to take 5 exams in Europe to before the exam was passed. such a strict rule as we go back to basic principle of safety first.
Nuvali is such a great place for Recreation and Vacation house as well. As alternative from congested Metro Manila. Trees and Lands were properly maintained aside from looking good. We were considering this place as a good place to invest sometime.
Guards, security and safety system were strict in the park valley, we wished that most of place here in manila would do the same. They inspect even your camera and gadget. So you feel protected and secured.
 Pilot Vs City - Ilike ofr best of both worlds
They have this waste water management facility. Thy recycle water and do the treatment for it wont harm the environment. As we saw the consumed a lot of waters that mix with metal, oil, gas chemical and paints as the five day were over for 1 car.

 Honda of social media twitter conversations and me on Pilot
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