Saturday, November 3, 2012

British Tech, Gear 4

Last month, I was invited to a tech event at Kraft BGC, Taguig. I thought it was a motoring or sporty thing for British Technology, Gear 4. But it was somewhat related to gadgets iPod accessories. We got some cool sounds of band playing Bono with or without you as the event goes on. Anyways this products can be found to any UK retailers. Speaking of UK brand or made i was thinking of  half century hollywood  blockbuster 007, next top model and Jaguar.

But for IT tech gadgets for sound, this is the one of the promising models. We love to share iTunes so this 30 watt boomer 4 evo party can be a party solution to any room. Small but powerful, it can rock or accommodate an entire room or theater for panel discussion. 

Either you use it for academe nor sound tripping. Then think about the fine British taste. As technology evolves and our desire for mobility you may see it has a wireless Bluetooth speakers. Portable for beach, river home or dance party. You may see in the pic above that it goes with the flow design. Angry birds i like this application won't mind if i stay in wifi area lets say starbucks or mcdonalds for an hour or so unwinding the from stress. Doing a bird kamikaze and killing all those pigs in more fun ways. Both in Galaxy Tab and Ipad2.

Gear4 has smart apps that sync iPod/iPhone/iPad application. Even tell you the current climate smart-link wirelessly if you wish. Take a look at major IT  Philippine retailers for more specs and info.

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