Sunday, December 16, 2012

Angry Birds and Intel Apps Contest

Who likes Angys Birds? I used to play this on my Ipad before quite addicting before i swapped it to macbook pro. But theirs still a mobile application and laptop applications aside from pad. So last week we played this angry birds tournament at Balcony C, Makati.
Looks similar than the Ipad and Phone application on desktop, Or via this latest  Asus laptop trouchscreen.
Angry Birds are everywhere in the venue, maybe its a good theme for xmas parties or holiday celebrations.
Let the tournament begin, Its not the usual World Cyber Games. But its the challenge in which the top scorer wins among us. 3 try if you can't destroy the pig house then out. If succeed then proceed to next level. until top scorer is determined. I failed but online on my facebook friends I ranked #3 next to Abet and Wentot.
But wait Intel has a Catch and Win Ultrabook Game on mobile. In which you can win prizes in Malls in Metro Manila. Available for iOS, Android and BB user. All you need to do is to download the apps and play. As intel raise the bar on 3rd gen Intel core processor to deliver quick response, graphics and computing performance. 

Welcome to the 3d game, in which you catch virtual laptop via your phone. More robotics visual game on your mobile or tablet. Of course in Angry Birds & Catch and Win Application thiers always  an exciting prizes for grabs check and for more details.

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