Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Go Green Auto Oil Valvoline

We heard about eco friendly cars, tires, products, gas, equipments etc. Now I wonder why they called  Valvoline products committed to go green. Nexgen, This oils (gas-deisel) is made of 50% recycle and 100% Valvoline protection. So imagine how many tons of oil we consumed everyday? And by using this product you just save the environment by half.

Like Valvoline Eagle One Enviroshine wash and cleans delicate surface. It does not strip the wax and free from harsh solvents. I saw on actual application demo, this product compare to xXx famous brand and it stand out. Aired on AVR during our last weeks meeting at Aracama restaurant in BGC.

You can use Valvoline Professional Series (VPS) Air-conditioning system cleaner and odor eliminator in just 45 minutes. To save time as well as to help eliminates bacteria (mold, fungi, mildew etc) without dismantling your car aircon. I think it will also it saves you money, Because you may not need aircon car repair guy using this solution.
Some of Motorist, Pro and Racers recommend this motor oil. A high performing auto and industrial products available in more than 140 countries. Save the environment it shows how Valvoline committed to go green.

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