Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tough and Reliable for Business - Evercool line of Automotive and Industrial Radiators

For Eleuterio Manankil, a vegetable dealer, the month of March signals the start of the toughest months for his business – that is beating the heat of the summer sun from drying up his vegetables. That was his situation before, until he found the solution to this problem – the Evercool line of automotive and industrial radiators.
“My first years in the business havebeen very challenging during summer.The vegetables I get from different parts of Luzon dry up during the long and sweltering journey to the markets,” Manankil said, a native from Laguna, whose business reaches as far north as Vigan and Baguio and as far south as Legaspi, Albay, just to get different varieties of vegetables.

“Some of my vegetables don’t make it to Manila. Out of the 100% that I bought, only 60% would be good for the market,” Manankil adds, “it’s really a big disappointment and I’ve thought of giving up on the business. But all of it are in the past now. I can breathe freely now that my business runs smoothly than ever before.”

And that is because of his trucks – tough ten-wheeler trucks – that run smoothly on the road coming from far-flung provinces to Balintawak, Quezon City, where he drops off his loads of vegetables. The trucks run smoothly with its Evercool radiators –a discovery that he got from one of his business partner in Lucena, Quezon.

Since my partner told me to use Evercool, our rides have never been as smooth and worry-free. No matter how hot the weather is, I’m sure, that my truck would arrive on time and my vegetables are still crisp and fresh,” Manankil explains.

“Evercool’s performance gives me more than its 100% and that what makes it reliable,” Mike Gonzalez said. He is the General Manager for Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (Roberts AIPMC). Based in Cabuyao, Laguna, Roberts AIPMC is the company that manufactures Evercool Radiators.

“Mr. Manankil can forget about getting stalled along the road because of overheating, because Evercool would let him down. His truckloads of vegetables would run smoothly and would always be on time.”

Being a tropical country, it has always been hot here in the Philippines during summer, a reason why some vehicles sustain some damage to its parts. Heavy loads, traffic jams in Manila and poor road conditions also contribute to the strain a vehicle endures. Much like the human body, automobiles can suffer damage if it is not taken cared off.

Gonzalez advices to make sure that the radiator you are using is Evercool Radiators by Roberts AIPMC, a company that continues to produce high quality products that are tough enough for any road and weather. Evercool is a brand trusted by some of the big names in the automotive industry like, Mitsubishi Motors, Isuzu, Columbian Motors, Pilipinas Hino and Suzuki.

Manankil’s experience with Evercool is a guarantee that supports Gonzalez’s promises with their products. For Manankil, fresh and crisp vegetables will always be on time for the market with Evercool’s tough and reliable performance on the road.

For more information about Evercool Radiators by Roberts AIPMC, just ask your favorite mechanic or visit their website, Media Release

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