Saturday, July 6, 2013

AOC Tablet in Philippines 2013

If your mention the brand AOC brand or <Art of Colors> comes to your mind is PC monitor tech giant. They almost dominated the PC monitor industry had even partnership with big giant brand. The way Android does to Samsung, HTC and Many Phones. Nor Microsoft penetrates almost all of tech hardware's. Now spot the other brand using AOC monitors?

Last month at Holiday Inn Makati, before i flew out of the country. I had a chance to see and browse this tablets. Which is economically and functional for A to C market. Much more cost effective than the usual brand. Now the usual Juan De la Cruz or Maria can afford to buy, play, enjoy and tiktiktik this pads.

The Breeze MW0731 (7") & Breeze MW0831 (8") model with a mass SRP at 5,999 and 8,999. Wifi using Android Jelly Bean OS, Ortex A9, Duo-Core GPU processors. And battery of up to 12 hours. Its executive said that they had no way to compete with apple/samsung 10". 

So they like to penetrate the 7" and 8" market. After its huge success in Brazil (They even had AOC Basketball Team) and the whole world. I think they had a good branding reputation and after sales service. Because most of the office I worked and visited with use this brand. For those co who ventures, We don't know what will happen next couples of months. Who will be the top tablet brand of seven and eighth inches market.

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