Sunday, August 25, 2013

AsRock 8 Series Motherboard

Asrock 8 Series Motherboards is good for Gamers and Tech Enthusiast. As its executives describes its features in water proof motherboard. Putting mineral water on its motherboards brain does not only demonstrates its Armour shield capability. 

But also durability, performance and stability from moist on any weather like the Tropical Philippines. Why Asrock? As you may not speak the tech jargon's in short of better graphics, fast computing and better gaming experience.   

I asked some of the asrock executives at edsa shang, is this ensured? They told me no, but just to show us on viral how this motherboard can resist moist and overheat. 

Using home cloud, You can wake up your pc anytime using your PC using your remote desktop, websites or phones. As long as its windows 8 and Intel OS supported, hows that sound for iron tech world? 

A great modified pc is like on your home/office is just one step of becoming ironman or batman amazing station. We just learn that spidertech said with Great Power comes great electric consumption. 

So we can go green and save the invironment by using energy efficient motherboards on PC's, eco friendly appliances, green gadgets or hybrids on cars. 

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