Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pinoy Auto Trader

Pinoy Auto Trader compile the Philippines first ever

big data report on online car browsing

    Pinoy Auto Trader compile first White Paper report based on it’s own data related to the online browsing behavior of quarter of a million users and more than two and a half million page views.
    White Paper showcases trends in both the brand new and pre-owned car markets of the Philippines.

November 26, 2013 - Following their recent launch in July 2013, Pinoy Auto Trader, the Philippines newest comprehensive online marketplace have released to the public a first glimpse of their compiled industry related data in the form of a White Paper on the behaviors and trends of online buyers in both the brand new and pre-owned car markets.

The White Paper report, which incorporates data from 254,037 users and 2,568,053 pageviews between the months of July and September, 2013 indicates a number of key trends, such as the most sought for brand new car models and the most searched for characteristics of a pre-owned vehicle. Pinoy Auto Trader, which is a sister company of - the Philippines leading buy and sell website has released the data as their first step in providing the local automotive industry with access to big data.

“Even from the beginning, we’ve always recognized that Pinoy Auto Trader would be an ideal platform to contribute comprehensive data to the local automotive industry. It’s our way of providing data and creating levels of standardization which will help the car-industry evolve and prosper” said Pinoy Auto Trader CEO, Daniel Scott. The White Paper, which is available for free from the Pinoy Auto Trader website, is the first volume in a series of reports which will be released on a quarterly basis. In each edition, Pinoy Auto Trader hopes to divulge more data to the industry.

“This first report is really only the tip of the iceberg, there’s a lot more data that we want to publish in our forthcoming issues. The goal here is to create the presence of solid research and information as a means for the industry to adapt and provide constantly good value to customers in the marketplace” commented Pinoy Auto Trader COO, Christopher Franks. The eighteen page report also provides two commentaries which investigate the importance of marketing reach and engagement, referencing those brands that are excelling in the executive of effective online digital marketing strategies.

Pinoy Auto Trader, which separates itself from a traditional classifieds website thanks to it’s dynamic user-generated online dealership showrooms and business-to-consumer mentality already up to ten thousand vehicles listed on it’s website, not to mention a comprehensive selection of both brand new and pre-owned car dealers nationwide.

To find out more visit or visit to download the full White Paper. 

About Pinoy Auto Trader 
Pinoy Auto Trader began development in early August 2011 as a means to bridge an online information gap. At the time the ability to find the correct contact details for specific car dealerships around the country was incredibly difficult due to the poor online presence of numerous new and used car distributors. While classified advertising already existed in the Philippines, the ability to implement professional online marketing tools for trade dealerships had not yet been discovered. Ahead of launching the website in November 2012 the Pinoy Auto Trader team spoke to numerous automotive professionals across the country to validate the website and learned that a variety of companies would welcome the opportunity to use the Pinoy Auto Trader service as a means to implement better levels of service and increase online marketing.

The site was conceptualized by a group of professionals with experience in designing, developing and marketing online directories for industries related to travel and education. In particular the team focussed heavily on user experience by adding features such as attractive and user friendly forms, clear and stylish advertisement listings and logical site navigation. Another highlight of the Pinoy Auto Trader website is the ability for commercial users such as new and used car dealerships to log into their own administrative page in order to manage and update information on their dealership micro sites. -PAT Press-


Christopher Franks

COO, Pinoy Auto Trader

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