Saturday, August 23, 2014

Robotics Olympiad

When we speak about Robots I think about toy, invention and industrial life. We can never deny the facts that Robots played a significant role in Medical, Commercial, Manufacturing and Military or National Defense Industry. I can't predict the infinite potential role of Robots. In this new Robotic age even Transformer's Optimus Prime.  

Now speaking of technology, software and robots humankind discover a lot of potential. Like Ease of work, reduce manufacturing cost, save time, not to mention the science fiction Robocop. But even in real life it is best used to for example dispose a bomb threat or surveillance in the Armed Forces.  

Being a Technology Sports Olympic Fan I support the Team Philippines for the upcoming 16 International Robotics Olympiad in Beijing, China. Theme as "Robot, Stop Global Warming" this coming November 5-9, 2014. I remember   couple of years winner of Microsofts Imagine Cup. Team Philippines develop software  game program that can help solve disaster like Ondoy. More than 300 schools from around the globe participated in this event every year. 

The categories for this contest were Sumobot - See how Japanese popular 2 sumo wrestlers robot fighters does.  Line Tracing - Track your Robot from start to finish line the fastest way.  Mission Challenge - Students are ask to build the most precise robot according to mission or challenge. Break Out - A disaster related task mission for robots to make path for trapped individuals. Humanoid Challenge - Example is the Prison Break one of the hardest task among robots.

In our last meeting in Oakwood together with Data Science Team, and Former Champions (Kimberly Gamboa, Isabelle Chua) and Coaches Melvin Matulac, Warren Ong Pe, Melanie Tizon, President Dr James Tan & Judith Tan of Grace Christian College. This competition is open for students in both public/private schools High School and Below. 

The participants are doesn't have coach during the actual competition. And they need to assemble robots from scratch. No programs even flash or USB allowed. So teamwork is needed to built various robot design among this young teens. Who knows this students would be the next inventor, scientist, champions or tech superstars. Some of the students invented the walker for elderly. That guides as the same time monitor its heartbeat. Potential danger and physical condition but not yet patented.

Melvin told us they are expecting approximately 30 delegates to  Beijing this year. Mostly coming form parents pockets. But I think we can do more than that with the help of sponsors mostly our Government. Because we are outnumbered by China in terms of delegates. They have lot of Venues for National (Bacolod, Canlubang, Don Bosco, TUP) and International (Korea, Indonesia) Robotic contest this coming years and so, you may check for updates Data Science Facebook Fanpage. So Team Philippines, Go for more Golds!!!

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