Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Old F1 Bastard Says...

While on Yas Marina Paddock and Marina Pit, I saw this man talked  about Presidents Cup Charity Porsche Promotions and F1 highlights pre and post f1 races. Together with Kings, Celebrities and Presidents. Then saw him again in TV then being bombarded in social media by critics on youth discrimination. 

I just think The Old F1 Bastard Bernie Ecclestone Says...a perfect frank witty pitch to advertisers. The most sensible thing he can do to let those big companies advertise in F1. To benefit the majority of the people specially the youth. 

So don't get mad because all those f1 drivers started on their youth age. And Bernie supports for sure that. Even former race champ James Hunt loose his car seat because advertisers backed out in McLaren. Imagine of such a men organize that. To have a constant year world race tour. 

Hope the youth could understand that later. Because its for them if there's a lot of advertisers of course lots of TV coverage and media mileage. To bring more race satisfaction for the whole family.

Race track and safety development will continuously evolved.  So you may see it live as little as paying $10 or even free probably. With the support or help of those generous sponsors. All I can say to 80+ figthing Bernie..your the man keep on going. 

The most crucial thing that a CEO can indirectly sacrificed to developed F1 race safety so that Senna, Jules or Lauda accident will never happen again. If crash is inevitable for sure nobody will hurt.       

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