Saturday, December 13, 2014

Torque Droidz Mass Phone & Tablets #headturners

Think about a good electronic gift this holidays? Lets say a  phone or tablet gift to someone this Xmas ranging from 499 to 7k. Then Torque Droidz Mass Phone & Tablets #headturners is a good option. Imagine that 90+ million of Pinoy's population last year more than 50% are using mobile phones. Torque understands its consumer needs based on economic structure of the Philippines. 

So they designed and engineered basic and high end droid phones as well as tablets that would fit every Juan's need. Lets see te evolution of its Phablet's like the Droid Swivel, Pivot, Rotate and Axis. A notable feature that has a rotating camera with high end specs to boot. 

Powered by a 1.2Ghz quadcore processor with 4.7" dHDIS display. Its headlight has 8MP rotating camera ideal for 180 degrees selfie or group photos. With 4.4 Andiod kitkat dual sim at 4599 only. Speaking of Droidz 7" wifi android tablet you may choose from Extreme, Spur or Spike Droidz model ranges from 2699 to 7999 pesos depends on its memory and processor capacity. 
Last launch at One Esplanade, I do test some of these gadgets. I can see that most of them are quite same features with popular brands. But more and more celebrities are endorsing this mass phone like Paolo Contis and Rapper Abra at a lesser price. See Torque Konektado Official Music Video here

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