Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blog Entrepreneur

As far as technology is concern. Bill Gates blog focus more on charity. Fake Steve Jobs blog about business rivalry, success and tech politics. In case of Philippines, some blogs earn more than 20 000 pesos a month. Some got free travel around the world or fav country. Some blog to use to promote its own business, Some just a pure hobby or self expression. 

In my case I blog for competition, promotion, business, hobby and money. Some of the perks are ride-driven a Yacht and Latest Hot Ferrari-McLaren Sport Cars for free because of blogging. Or even a cast action star actor. If you want to learn more about blogging. You may enroll at the module called E-commerce and CBSME (Certified Blog and Social Media Entrep) training program.

  1. February 7 - E-Commerce Specialist… Module 1 (face-to-face) AIE College, Dagupan 9-5PM
  2. February 10 - CBSME module 1 starts (online 8-9PM)
  3. February 21 - E-Commerce Specialist… Module 2 (face-to-face session) Best Western Antel Plus Hotel, Makati 9AM-6PM
  4. February 25 - E-Commerce Specialist… Module 2 (Online edition) 8:30-10PM
  5. March 14 - E-Commerce Specialist… Module 1 (face-to-face) Pearl Drive, Ortigas Pasig 9-5 PM
  6. March 19 -  E-Commerce Specialist… Module 1 (Online edition) 8:30-10PM

“Disclosure: I am an accredited online lead generator for DigitalFilipinoTraining Programs.”

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