Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2015 Rolex Australian F1 GP

Not the usual Presidents or Bernie usual awarding. It's realty surprising to see Arnold appear at the awarding ceremony of last 2015 Rolex Australian F1 GP. Saw him before on boxing main events. He is fit for other sports mostly represents power or masculine. But I think It would much be better to see Vin, Statham, Michelle or Gal in pair for this speed sport niche. 

Which the symbol of fast n furious or transporter speed icon to do this thing. In quest for the fastest man and machine grandest race on the  planet. Going back to the race still Lewis and Nico secured the 1st and second slot. Followed by Vettel-Ferrari on third. 

Last year when I saw live at Marina Team Mercedes secured the teams podium while Vettel dominates 2013 season finale in Yas under Red Bull banner. With Mercedes engine dominance this past years 2014-2015, Vettel the 4 time world champion just proof the he can outperform Alonso and Kimi.

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