Monday, July 6, 2015

GT Academy Finalist 2015 Judge/Mentor Marlon Stockinger

2015 Lotus F1 junior team and Renault world series race car driver Marlon Stockinger. He will be the judge as well as the mentor of GT Academy Finalist for Philippine team this year. Last month at Kraft, BGC he told us that if he knew this competition before. 

He's dad would not spend that much to finance his racing. Because of the main event prize which is 1 million US dollars racing contract. Aside from UK's premiere Silverstone race camp training grounds. I tried to race with this race capsule time machine car like dozens of times but didn't make to the top20 national finals. Goodluck to our national team.

Nissan Philippines President Antonio Lara said that they are fortunate Marlon in on their side. His experience and knowledge is valuable to finalist Race Camp this August. And the rest of Asia's hopeful in honor to bring hope to the 1st Filipino GT Academy Champion.     

The first time I saw him do drive around SM MOA last 2013, last year fans day  in Makati as well as last month #slipstream donuts at High Street. Most of the F1 drivers do this kind of event to its home country. Some of the pro driver crashed but MS didn't. 

Marlon said "While I'm happy to share my knowledge and experience in racing, nothing beats the the determination and drive to succeed in this demanding sport. Remember, all my tips-coaching are nothing if the finalist will work hard as to get the ultimate prize as a champion" See hashtags for more details #NissanSlipstream #NissanPH #NissanGTAcademyPH 

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