Monday, September 28, 2015

Skylight Auto Hub Manila

One way to dress up your car is by enhancing its Headlamps. Like putting a contact lens on your eyes or adjusting the brightness of your smartphone. To catch attention or even boost wow factor. 

But for automobile it is a must that you need suitable amount of light. But also for safety purposes mostly if you traveling on province or remote area with less public road lamps.
Skylight Autohub Philippines, Inc lead by CEO Michael Quah offers car headlamps that will enhance your roadside visibility brightness. The Eagle eye boost 35% increased distance with wide visibility compare to factory build one. 

Also they are easy to install just plug and play with support and warranty from the dealer. 
Lights were the resemblance of German car creation such BMW and Audi. The manufacturing of the HIP lamps were subject to several test like Splash Water, Dust, Anti Static, Salt spray and Light bulb filament test. 
Available to the Major Japanese and American Car players such as Toyota, Mits, Honda, Suzuki, Hyundai, Chevy Ford and Mazda.  Not only that they also have oils and Panther Plus gadget. 

That can be plugged unto your automobiles cigarette lighter socket that will save 37% of your fuel cost. A brilliant invention of Mr Hisashi Uto. A must need for every petrol and diesel car owner.

Mys of PMCM events invites you to attend the Grand Launch at the Liberty Center, Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City just beside its showroom on October 3, 2015 Call 6959380 or visit the facebook fanpage for more details.

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