Monday, September 7, 2015

The Best Barber Shop Experience with Esquire and Gillette

It was a cool Barber Shop experienced with Esquire and Gillette Last month. The best barber shave and bald experience I've ever had with the used of Fusion ProGlide with Flexball technology by Gillette. Felipe and Son's together with Esquire magazine summed up with the "Man at his Best". 

Of course great grooming tailor fit coat, shoes, massage with the best barber shop in the country. Add up with fine drinks great meats, sweats and fine drinks like wine, rum, beer and vodka what can I ask for?

Not just your ordinary tailor or barber experience. But I may consider this as one of the premiere's grooming experience event in Men's life. Of having that stylish haircut, suave shave and attractive looking tailor fit formal clothes and shoes. Together with AJ Dee of, Marco of Ministry of Mushrooms and Chef JP Anglo of Sarsa Kitchen. 

While roaming around the Shop you may sit down and relax. With some vodka shots to see great reading materials such books and magazines. Like 4 seasons, marvel, cars, tech, watch, business and cosmo interest that will fill your macho appetite.       
“For years, the shaving experience has been dogged with what men have referred to as ‘shave face’—the typical scrunching and squeezing of one’s face in order to reach every surface and every last bit of stubble. But now, thanks to Gillette’s dedication to quality service, gone are the days of shave face.

Though Gillette’s ProGlide technology has been a mainstay in the industry for some years now, a new pivotal moment has arrived with the addition of FlexBall Technology. This latest innovation is Gillette’s best razor to date, a groundbreaking development in the market. 

Gentlemen Quintessence #gillettexesquire  #gilletteflexballph  
#felipeandsons Thanks for the cool shave and Bald Bad Ass Statham Diesel Action Star Mode Mr. Ernie! 

He is not just a skilled barber but a great story teller as well. Look for him and see the difference like any barber in the world. Excellent service with utmost precision. When most men need for like choosing Swiss Watch or Euro Car Service.

Thanks to FlexBall, you can achieve a ‘no missed hair’ shave—like getting a professional shave from a barber, but at home, any day. With FlexBall, men no longer have to contort their faces in order to get that thorough shave. 

Now, it’s the razor that swerves and contorts to the contours of a guy’s face in order to reach virtually every hair,” said Procter and Gamble Philippines’ Chief Marketing Officer, Ramachandra Golikere. The event was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the FlexBall’s effective “no missed hair” capability.

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